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A role-playing game set in 2393, based upon the reality created in Star Trek. The Endeavour is a Nebula-class starship assigned to the former Cardassian DMZ to patrol the border between the reformed Cardassian Union and the United Federation of Planets. Her mission is threefold: quash piracy activity in the region; interdict vice and contraband; and provide support to Federation and Cardassian colonies.

Our vision of Tomorrow's possibilities, written with the knowledge of today. The place where scientific discoveries and imagination meet.
Where our dream of exploring the galaxy becomes a reality. A place to use our creativity to portray what could happen in the future.
A place to make friends with those same ideals and fantasies. A place to relax and have fun. That is the Endeavour.

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» Silver UoM

Posted on 09 Oct 2017 @ 2:46am by Commander Gregory Farragut in Awards

Everyone, excellent work this last month! We've been recognized for our hard work with the Silver UoM for the task force! Without your hard work this would not have been possible. Congratulations!

“USS Endeavour: The Endeavour continues to show themselves to be a great quality simm. I’m continually impressed by their level of activity and the depth of their stories. They had a good month in August, putting out solid posting numbers. They also have an active discord channel and overall, the CO has done a great job at building a community and setting an example with his writing.”~Captain Alenis Meru, TGCo TF72-A

» Another new Player!

Posted on 07 Oct 2017 @ 1:24am by Commander Gregory Farragut in General News

Everyone please welcome PD who will be playing Lieutenant JG Power - our new Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Please give her a warm welcome here or on the Discord. We'll be working on a way to integrate her into the story, so please shout out ideas if you have them!

» IFS 2 and Character Hub

Posted on 04 Oct 2017 @ 11:41pm by Commander Gregory Farragut in Website Update

Hello everyone!

With the new obsidian fleet website still under construction, new features have been unlocked. First, I hope everyone has gone ahead and registered over there. It's a well-built site, and provides avenues of communication for the fleet. Second, it's integral to the monthly reporting process that all players on this site sign up and add your MAIN CHARACTER from the sims you play on.


You may be as in-depth or brief as you want, but at bare minimum an entry with your character name matching that on the simulation site must be created.

For example here is one of my older characters:


When you have the chance, I hope folks can get over to the site and get their characters up there.

Happy writing!



» New Character Story Arcs

Posted on 20 Sep 2017 @ 11:38pm by Commander Gregory Farragut in General News

Hello everyone!

I'm really proud of everyone's efforts and contributions this month. We've had some fabulous content put out by everyone here and a sizable uptick in posts compared to earlier this summer. This is due to your collective efforts.

Sean and I have been bouncing around an idea for the last several months to provide specific avenues for players to develop their characters. The baseball card stats we asked everyone to submit to the OOC discussion board was phase one of this plan. We look forward to seeing folks explore these avenues in the new season that ideally begins in the next month. This new adventure will be in a format that allows greater player freedom for non-mission related posting.

The second part of this effort is providing opportunities for players to engage in character development related to the main mission. If anyone has played the Mass Effect games think of the 'Loyalty Missions' found throughout the series. These missions will involve some if not all members of the crew. These will be stories you help craft for your character that tie into the broader plot. Rather than your characters goals and ambitions remain static and unreachable, we want you to be able to help your characters achieve their aspirations and evolve.

If you're interested in pursuing deeper development of your character as it relates to the overall season theme and objective please let us know. We'd love to work with you to put together an encapsulated story centered on your character.


Jake and Sean

» Bronze UoM for May!

Posted on 26 Jul 2017 @ 4:16am by Commander Gregory Farragut in General News

The news comes late, but nonetheless good work everyone!

USS Endeavor, TG72A
Despite the CO’s busy personal life, the USS Endeavour continues to advance the story, putting out high-quality posts and continuing in their ongoing story arc. The Endeavour is a great simm, and their activity and quality of writing speaks for itself.
*submitted by Commodore Alenis Meru TG72A-C