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Captain Kate Banninga

Name Kate Anje Banninga

Position Commanding Officer Langley Station

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 29-10-2363 (30)
Place of Birth USS Firebrand

Physical Appearance

Height 1.80m (5'9'')
Weight 65kg (143 lbs)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Skin color Caucasian
Physical Description Kate is slim and toned, with long brown hair, what she has up during duty. She misses her lower left arm, after being taken by the Borg. It's been replaced by a prostetic that looks and works as a real arm and hand.


Father David Benjamin (Died on 01-01-2367)
Mother Elisabeth Banninga (Died on 01-01-2367)
Brother(s) David Banninga (CLO The Banninga Company, Earth)
Other Family Reuwke Banninga (Maternal grandfather, CEO The Banninga Company, Earth)
Harmina Banninga (Maternal grandmother)
Pluto, the dog

Personality & Traits

General Overview Due to the fact that her parents died when she was only 4 years old she has serious trust issues, and a very close bond with her twin brother. Kate can be cold and hard to the crew, but is a good leader. She would do almost anything for her crew. She can't understand the fields of Science and Engineering, even after many attempts. Her tactical and diplomatic skills are very good, just as her ability to handle hand weapons.

Growing up she was quite the tom-boy, climbing trees, playing with her grandparents' animals and exploring the farm on which they lived. She'd always come home covered in mud.

Kate has always been a fighter. Not a that she looked for fights, but if one came her way, she wouldn't back down either. Especially if she was protecting someone physically weaker from a bully. She didn't always win, but bullies were unlikely to tangle with her more than once.
Strengths Fair. Caring. Selfless. Determined.
Weaknessess Has difficulty trusting people. Questions her own ability to perform her job to good standard. Is a perfectionist.
Ambitions Kate already surpassed her own ambitions, as all she wanted to reach was the position of Chief Security Officer. Even after switching to the Command Division she still favors the Security field. As for her personal life, all she wants is to be loved and wanted.
Hobbies & Interests Kate loves the beach and reading, and prefers to combine the two. Has a deep interest for history, mostly the 1st and 21th century.
She is seriously addicted to coffee.
Languages English, Dutch, German, Italian and French

Personal History Kate and her twin brother David were born on the the USS Firebrand where their parents were stationed. In 2367, when the Borg attacked the Federation at Wolf 359, Kate and David survived the attack, but their parents did not. On returning to Earth they were reunited with their grandparents, Reuwke and Harmina Banninga and raised by them in Groningen, in the north west of Europe.

After high school she went to Sorbonne University in Paris to study Interplanetary Business and Economics. Her years in Paris, she sees as the happiest of her life. Living in the city gave her a freedom she had been searching for all those year.

After graduation she accepted a position as Chief Financial Officer. Kate wasn't real happy about such a high position, but the board wanted her in that position, as a way to show the investors the company’s future would be secure. In practice she worked on the company's charitable endeavors, as that’s where her heart lies.

After a year she decided she was going to join Starfleet. In the beginning to find why her mother gave up everything to work in space, but later she really loved it. It gave her a new purpose in life.

She got a position in the Security department of the USS Atlas, a Vesta class starship. Starting out as a cadet, she eventually made it to division head of the Rapid Response Team. One of the people in her division was her brother’s best friend, Peter Branning. They soon became very close friends. After serving on the Atlas for almost two years, Kate was offered a position as Chief Security/Tactical on the USS Sentinel, which she accepted. Eventually she moved up to the position of Executive Officer.

After a draw down of the Gamma Quadrant Task Force she was offered a position as Commanding Officer of the USS Endeavour, a Nebula class.

After only 6 months in Command Kate was kidnapped by the Borg during a rescue mission and made their Queen, Locosta. A rescue mission was set up with a number of ships, under the guidance of the USS Portland to save the quadrant from a new Borg invasion. Doing so, they also rescued Kate.

After most of her injuries were healed in the Endeavour's sickbay, Kate decided to go back to Earth to recover fully.
Medical Record **USS Firebrand - 16-06-2366**
She had been diagnosed with the chicken pox. A mild sedative was administered along with an antipruritic topical cream. Her twin brother was also diagnosed with the disease

**Starfleet Headquarter - 05-01-2367**
Kate wasn't injured during the attack by the Borg, or in the aftermath. I do however recommend her visiting a counselor, to process the trauma. She has seen too much for a girl her age, and lost both her parents in the same event.

**USS Atlas - 02-06-2387**
I presume that the cadet's medical records are incomplete. The last entry is from more then 20 years ago. There is some evidence of an old break upper right arm, which was expertly set and healed resulting in no loss of movement. According to the cadet it was caused by falling out of a tree at the age of 13. Cadet is in perfect health.

**USS Atlas - 03-03-2388**
Ensign Banninga has multiple contusions, a busted lip and several cracked ribs that were sustained during an away mission in a fire fight with a Klingon.

**USS Sentinel - Counselor - 28-02-2389**
Lieutenant Banninga has been assigned to me because of the loss of a crewman under her care, a few months back and displays an inability to deal with the situation. Also refuses to talk about her parents and the effect it has had on her life. Have made multiple appointments with her for intensive counseling.

**USS Sentinel - Counselor - 21-03-2391**
Kate has made good progress, although not all topics have been addressed. I don't think I've even met a patient that is so closed as she is. She seems to be happier, although I am not able to determine the cause of this. Counseling will continue.

**USS Endeavour - 29-10-2391**
Her injuries are extensive, as expected. We've been able to remove most of the implants, except for two. Her lower left arm was severed by the Borg. Most of hte physical damage has been healed with a dermal regenerator. The emotional damage is still present and a counselor has been appointed. For further physical healing we've reffered the Captain to Starfleet Medical on Earth.
Service Record 09-2382-05-2386: Studied Interplanetary Business and Economics at Sorbonne University, Paris, Earth.
05-2386-06-2387: Worked for The Banninga Company as the CFO.
06-2387-12-2387: Joined Starfleet, went to OCS.
06-2387-02-2389: USS Atlas, Security Officer.
02-2388: Promoted to Ensign.
04-2388: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
02-2389-04-2391: USS Sentinel, Chief Security/Tactical.
02-2389: Promoted to Lieutenant.
01-2390: Promoted to Executive Officer with the rank of Lieutenant-Commander.
04-2391-10-2391: USS Endeavour, Commanding Officer.
04-2391: Graduated Command Academy and promoted to the rank of Commander.
05-2391: Promoted to Captain.
10-2391: Kidnapped by the Borg and made their Queen under the name Locosta.
11-2391-present: Recovering from her injury's at Earth.