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Korra M'Ress

Name Korra M'Ress

Position Retired NPCs

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Date of Birth (Age) 13
Place of Birth Earth

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Korra is a 13 year old Caitian, with brown fur similar to Eahar's


Father Eahar R'Soll
Mother Niwara M'Kress

Personality & Traits

Personal History Korra was born on Earth, during Eahar's first year at Starfleet Academy. She spent the first few years of her life on Earth, but since Eahar graduated from the academy, split her time between various starships and Cait, depending on whether or not Eahar's assignment was one which accommodated families. She is a typical 13 year old girl, one who Eahar wishes would worry a little more about her schoolwork and a little less about her classmates.