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Ensign Jessica Wilson

Name Jessica Wilson

Position Medical Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 19th January 2368
Place of Birth Lake District, England

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8''
Weight 75kgs
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Physical Description Jessica still maintains much of her youthful appearance, and whilst attractive the descriptor ‘cute’ is more applicable than beautiful at this point. Her facial structure is still very much a youthful one, without any well-defined lines, this combined with her mother’s large, beautiful green eyes make for a youthful appearance. The rest of her appearance is likewise unassuming, her body is slim but not muscular, her physical attributes present but not overwhelming, her body still very much in the process of growing. She is undeniably an adult, but still very youthful, and likely to remain so for some time.


Father Alexander Wilson
Mother Sophie Wilson
Relationship status Single

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jessica is a shy, unassuming type who generally shies away from major social gatherings, although this is through inexperience rather than anything else. Being an only child she was always a loner, preferring to spend most of her youth wandering through the countryside around her family home in the Lake District, England, rather than playing with children her own age. This gave rise to a high level of independence that has remained as she grew older. This predisposition towards working alone and independence ensured that Jessica did well in education, able to knuckle down to the work and get it done.

This has however come at the expense of her social life, whilst she is able to operate without too many social faux pas she never the less does not have much experience in close, romantic interpersonal relations, indeed it would be safe to say that her experience in that area is shockingly low for someone of her age, primarily due to single-minded focus on getting through education and Medical School over every other concern. As a result of this she can become very shy, even more so than usual, in the presence of the opposite gender, especially when alone or if flirtatious appraoches are being made.

Despite this Jessica is a good, kind soul, who wants nothing more than to help people, however as a result of this attitude, her youth and inexperience she has an unfortunate habit of naiveté. As a result she trusts easily and can be easily hurt by those who do not live up to that easily placed trust. However, having studied Karate from a young age, despite her unassuming exterior and personality she is capable of handling herself.
Strengths *Kind and Caring Attitude
*Natural Flair for Medicine
Weaknessess *Social Inexperience
*Trusts Easy
Ambitions To be the best doctor that she can be.
Hobbies & Interests Karate
Languages English (With a faint, but recognizable, British Accent)

Personal History Born on the 19th January 2367 to civilian parents Jessica would seem like the least likely person to join Starfleet or go into medicine. Her early years were spent in relative seclusion, her parents were both into the arts, her father a painter whilst her mother a respected singer, the local surrounds of the English Lake District provided the perfect backdrop for these endeavours. As a result however Jessica’s only exposure to other children her own age was through schooling, and karate classes that her father introduced her to at five in an attempt to build up her confidence. Her own nature lead to her developing a very much independent attitude and whilst more confident in herself she still shied away from social intercourse. By the age of eight she was exploring the hills and dales of the Lake District to her hearts content, and it would be here that she received her inspiration to join medicine.

Whilst walking in the hills she came across a young walker, older than she but still only a teenager, badly injured and unconscious. Not knowing what to do she ran to the nearest people and was able to find a Starfleet Doctor who returned with her, and through his medical talents and a speedy evacuation the walker survived to thank both of them. At the tender age of ten years old this had a substantial impact on the young Jessica and pretty much from that moment on she set her sights on becoming a doctor. At school she suddenly began to favour the sciences, specifically biology and it was to no ones surprise at sixteen that she passed her exams in the sciences with flying colours, although had lacked somewhat in the more academic subjects. During her college years she studied biology and chemistry before at eighteen years old, having received good grades she put in an application to Starfleet Medical Academy… it was accepted within days.

Attending the Starfleet Medical Academy was a massive change in lifestyle for Jessica, for the first time she was away from home and although having always been independent she could take care of herself she was still dreadfully lonely. In an attempt to combat this she threw herself into her studies, being well respected by her teachers as one of the hardest working students, although again this came at the expense of the social side of life at the Academy. At the time however Jessica didn’t care about that, she just wanted to fulfil her dream of becoming a doctor and that meant working her hardest, and given her own inexperience and shyness this was a sacrifice that she was willing to make to meet her goals in life. During her studies Jessica lapped up pretty much every scrap of information that was put her way, taking it all in but not able to decide what to specialise in, although thankfully that decision did not need to come until her internship.

Of all the parts of her time at the Medical Academy the Starfleet side of the training was the most alien to her, but she was able to adapt fairly well to the discipline and the way of doing things.

In mid 2390 she graduated with full honours and a medical degree from the Starfleet Medical Academy and was commissioned into the fleet as an Ensign. Following a period of leave she was assigned to the USS Endeavour as a Medical Officer (Intern).
Medical Record Good Health, no major illnesses or injuries
Service Record Starfleet Medical Academy -Medical Student- Cadet
U.S.S. Endeavour -Medical Officer (Intern)- Ensign