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Lieutenant T'Ana Mitchell

Name T'Ana Mitchell

Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 05-04-2350 (41)
Place of Birth Vulcan
Titles M.D.

Physical Appearance

Height 1.72
Weight 60 kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Skin color Fair
Physical Description T'Ana has a well toned body with long wavy hair.


Spouse < href="">Andrew Mitchell
Father Stelek (adopted)
Mother Anna Walker (Biological); Valeia (adopted)
Sister(s) T'Leia, (adopted)
Other Family T'Vei (Adopted Grandmother)
Marital status Married

Personality & Traits

General Overview Being raised in a Vulcan family and treated as if she were Vulcan she has a above average intelligence. She

During her year travelling around Earth and and the years following it at University and the Academy she learned a good mix of the emotions from her human genes and logic of her Vulcan upbringing.
Strengths + High IQ
+ Perseverence
+ Caring
Weaknessess - Trouble understanding sarcasm and humor
Ambitions To really understand human emotions.
Languages Federation Standard, Vulcan

Personal History T'Ana's mother, Anna Walker was working on Vulcan at the Earth embassy as a aide. Her mother never let anyone know who her baby's father was. Twenty-eight week along she got contractions and was admitted to the hospital, where they managed to stop the contractions. There she met Valeia, a vulcan woman who was admitted for the same diagnosis. Both woman were there for the next 3 weeks, until Anna's baby heart rate went down and she was rushed into surgery to deliver the little girl. Unfortunately Anna didn't survive due to severe internal bleeding. As Anna didn't have anyone listed as her next of kin Valeia and her husband decided to adopt Anna's baby and raise her together with their daughter, who was born two days later. When both girls where healthy enough to go home they officially adopted T'Ana, who they named after her birth mother and her adoptive grandmother T'Vei.

Even though she wasn't Vulcan she was raised as one. She learned to suppress her emotions and use logic with everything in her life. Due to the Vulcan way she learned to use more of her brain capacity, making her IQ higher then average. In Earth terms she would be called gifted.

The first few years of her life she had a slight breathing problem, due to the thin atmosphere on Vulcan. Over time her body learned to cope with it.

When she was 18 she went to Earth to search for her human roots. As she never met her birth parents she didn't know anything about what it was to be human. She traveled around Earth for more then a year. Learning to use emotions. During her travels she also met a young men who was on leave from the academy. Andrew Mitchell. They hit it off from the start and stayed in contact when he was back in San Francisco.

Part of her travels was to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to make her parents proud, but also continue to discover what it is to be human. As emotions were something she was truly fascinated about and she discovered she like to listen to people and help them fix their problems she decided to join Starfleet and study to become a counselor. At the beginning she was having trouble adjusting to live at the academy but later she actually enjoyed being with so many different species and so many different ways of handling with emotions and feelings.

After graduation she worked at Starfleet Medical for her Psychiatry residency. Four years later she got a posting as Assistant Chief Counselor on the USS Hornet. During all those years Andrew and T'Ana had continued dating, when their posting allowed. Then in 2383 they both got a posting on the USS Victorious. He as Chief of Operations and she as Chief Counselor. They got married on the eve before their ship departed.

In the next seven years Andrew had climbed to the position of Commanding Officer. T'Ana, who had no ambition for a command position, requested a new posting. She wanted to widen her experience. And wanted to work on a bigger vessel. Her request was accepted and she was offered the Chief Counselling job at the USS Endeavour.
Service Record 2369-2371: Harverd University - Pré Med
2371-2375: Starfleet Academy - Medical School (Specialization: Psychiatry)
2375-2379: Starfleet Medical - Psychiatric Residency (Specialization: Military Psychiatry)
2379-2383: USS Hornet - Assistant Chief Counselor - Lieutenant JG
2383-2390: USS Victorious - Chief Counselor - Lieutenant
2390-now: USS Endeavour - Chief Counselor - Lieutenant