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Sergeant Major Raylan Ch'Tol

Name Raylan Tha'Reen "Pioneer" Ch'Tol

Position Marine First Sergeant

Rank Sergeant Major

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan/Human
Date of Birth (Age) 22/June/2361 (32)
Place of Birth Rentan City, Khazara colony

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 120lb
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Physical Description Slim but fit. Wears her hair to shoulder length, unlike the bob favoured by most of her father's people. Moves with practiced grace and precision.


Father Zelan Ch'Tol [DECEASED]
Mother Amber Ch'Tol (Nee' Simpson) [DECEASED]
Other Family Alicia Mertens (nee' Simpson) (Aunt), Chris Mertens (Uncle), Tricia Mertens (cousin)
Marital status Single
Relationship status Not in a relationship.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Raylan is a consummate professional when on duty, but still knows how to have fun in her off hours. Has a twisted sense of humour.
Strengths - Strong willed (a fighter)

- Physically strong (lean)

- Loyal.

- a knack with machines.

Weaknessess - Can become withdrawn.

- Tends to speak her mind.

- Lacks tact (especially when interacting with other Romulans).

- Can get antsy when not on mission.
Ambitions To be the best Marine she can be.
Hobbies & Interests - Tinkering.

- working out.

- Building models.

- Military history.
Languages Federation Standard, Romulan, some Klingon and Cardassian.

Personal History Raylan was born on a Romulan colony. Her father had been a senator with reformist views, something that cost him his life, when Raylan was young. As a consequence of this Raylan had very little love for the state and resolved to leave Romulan space at her earliest convenience.

Soon after, her and her mother booked passage on a departing freighter. Mere days into the trip, the freighter captain decided he had use for his passengers, after all they had already paid him.

He snuck into the sleeping berth, that night and killed Amber in her sleep. Awoken by the noise and distressed at what she saw, Raylan picked up a discarded metal pipe and brought it down on the captain. The blow shattered his skull and his lifeless body slumped to the deck.

She ran to her mother’s bunk where her mother’s stared lifelessly back at her. The young Romulan let out a bellow of pure rage and left to deliver vengeance on the rest of the crew.

A week later a Federation survey vessel found the freighter adrift. When an away team arrived aboard, they found the crew all dead and Raylan laying next to her mother’s body, her clothes and skin stained in the blood of several different species.

Taken aboard the vessel, she cleaned up and checked over by the medical staff. She was then given guest quarters for the journey back to Earth.

After some psych evals, she was placed with her aunt’s family.

The loss of her mother and life on Earth took some getting used to.

At school Raylan had few friends and kept mostly to herself. Over time she found a knack for repairing machines.

After graduating high school, Raylan was looking for a challenge and enlisted in the Marine Corps.

Her first assignment after Boot Camp and her Combat Engineer training, was as part of Combat Engineering squad setting up a forward observation base. Her squad came under attack by a pair of enemy atmospheric fighters. They were able to defeat one with the base’s barely functioning defences, but the second got through and targeted Raylan. Diving into a foxhole, she knew she only had seconds to act. Bypassing the safety features on her phaser-rifle, she waited until the fighter was directly above her. She then fired, expending its power source in a single shot. The energy lanced though small vessel causing it to crash into a nearby clearing.

She received a commendation and was assigned to a Marine detachment aboard the USS Wildfire. There she took part in several missions, including erecting fortifications and outposts, constructing roads and infrastructure, and the removal of obstacles.

She enjoyed her work and eventually worked her way though the ranks undergoing leadership traingng along the way.

Now at the rank of Sergeant Major, she attached to the Kingsmen, USS Endeavour’s Marine Detachment as First Sergeant under 1st Lieutenant Jack ‘Black Jack’ Patton.
Medical Record Various minor injuries. Is fit for duty.
Service Record 2367 - 2375 - Romulan Military Prep School, Rentan City - Khazara colony

2376 - 2380 - Regent High School, London - Earth.

2380 - Marine Boot Camp at MCRD San Diego – Earth.

2381 - Marine Combat Engineer Training at SFMC Falklands - Earth.

2381 - 2383 - Marine Expeditionary Force - Zarral III. Private -

2382 - Promoted to Private First Class

2383 - 2386 -

2383 - Promoted to Lance Corporal

2386 - 2387 -

2384 - Promoted to Corporal

2387 - 2389 -

2386 - Promoted to Sergeant

2389 -Promoted to Staff Sergeant.

2390 - 2393 -

2391 - Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant

2393 - Marine First Sergeant, USS Endeavour, Sergeant Major. (Fast tracked Promotion)