Season 3 Peaceful Coexistence

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The Federation stands alone. In the aftermath of the Dominion War and the Hobus Incident former allies and stalwart enemies question everything about the status quo. Without a Romulan Empire to stimulate the alliance between the Federation and Klingon Empire, these steadfast allies find themselves competing for power and influence across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Elsewhere, the fledgling Cardassian Union rises from the ashes, no longer under the yoke of Alliance administration. As the Great Powers of the galaxy look without to explain their struggling economies and strained societies, a long-forgotten foe works from within to supplant not just the Federation but all sentient life in the Galaxy.

Group Post Count: 464

Included Missions

The Encounter 3X03

Post Count: 186

Starships across the fleet find themselves ordered to bizarre patrol routes, instructed to ferry cargo like civilian haulers, and inundated with crew rotations far in excess of standard procedure. Meanwhile, the Endeavour continues her investigation of the Cardassian trading station – Naktor Kal. Initial scans indicate all environmental control operations have ceased. The station is a vacuum. While investigating, a lone Cardassian Galor-class vessel observes the ship’s activities at the far edge of the system unbeknownst to the Endeavour, her crew, or Starfleet.

Prelude: Getting to Know You

Post Count: 33

With a new Captain and a few new crew members coming aboard, the Endeavour takes a shakedown cruise to allow everyone to get to know one another.