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Meeting the New Boss

Posted on 06 Feb 2018 @ 8:50am by 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton & Gunnery Sergeant Robert Schiano & Staff Sergeant Brian Cancielleri & Corporal Alicia Reilly & Lance Corporal Brian Zapata & Lance Corporal Erin Inferson & Sergeant Major Raylan Ch'Tol

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: The Throneroom - USS Endeavour
Timeline: Mission 4 Prelude


Raylan Ch'Tol adjusted her uniform she was about to meet her new boss, 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton, latest in the line of the illustrious descendants of the famous General George S. Patton. "Breathe." She told herself. "And don't act like a crazed fangirl.

Jack had been sitting in his office, well the throne room as the team had taken to calling it. He had been reviewing the service record for his new Executive Officer. Now that the team had a permanent home on the Endeavour Meatball had more responsibilities as an EVAC Specialist, so a new Executive Officer was needed. Her record seemed in order and he sorely needed an efficient combat engineer, something the Kingsmen currently lacked. However, he was worried about her being Romulan, Meatball, Sticks, and Jack had spent sometime fighting Romulans in the past. But they were the Federation's friends now so that would take some getting used to. Just as he was about to look into the possibility of someone else the door chime went off.

"Come..." he said in gruff voice, slightly more curt then he wanted to.

"Master Sergeant Raylan Ch'Tol, reporting as ordered, sir." Raylan said as she entered the room and came to attention in front of Patton's desk.

Patton rose from his desk and gave the woman a salute. "At ease Master Sergeant. Welcome to the throne room." Patton walked around the desk and reviewed his new recruit. The first thing he noticed was that she favored long hair as opposed the bowl cut typical to Romulans. She was fit, but was she cut for the Kingsmen. Her record was typical for a Marine. He needed something extraordinary. He thought he had the idea for her to prove it. But, that would wait until after the interview. "Have a seat Ch'Tol, would you like something to drink?"

"Thank you, sir. I'll have chai tea." She said. Looking around the room she noticed the ivory handled revolvers and the ancient uniform. "Is that really his uniform?" She asked.

Jack ordered the tea with a black coffee for himself and then sat back down at his desk as he passed the tea over. "Indeed it is General George Smith Patton United States Army. The pistols are his as well. That uniform has been in field with every Patton since the man himself wore it. I am surprised and impressed that you recognize it. I am sure you know of the Kingsmen we are the elite of the elite. Tell me why should I make you a Kingsman let alone grant you command over the team."

Raylan thought about the question for a moment. "Well, at the risk of feeding your ego, I've followed your career and what I could of the Kingsmen's missions, and I am quite impressed. I'm sure you've viewed my service record and you must of seen something you liked, or I wouldn't be sitting here." She paused for a moment. "My only wish is to serve the corps to the best of my abilities, and I believe I can do that best as a member of the Kingsmen. I realize my command experience is limited, but working with you I trust that I will become a better leader."

"Flattery will get you everywhere," Jack said with a chuckle. "You are correct I have looked at your record and I am slightly impressed. There is a trait that I have inherited from my ancestor and that is a severe bluntness. Before we continue there is something that I need to get out there and clear the air. Two of the Kingsmen fought the Romulans in the past and will find it very hard to trust even a half Romulan. I know in the fallout from the supernova relations between The Federation and The Empire have become friendly. So, my question is why Starfleet, why should I order two hardened soldiers to trust a descendant of a former enemy..." Jack leaned forward and sipped his coffee when he was finished speaking. He let his words hang in the air for a moment.

"Let me equally blunt, I severed all ties with Romulus the day the government executed my father on a trumped up charge of treason. I'm sure I hold as much, if not more animosity to my father's people as your two men do." Raylan said. "As for Starfleet, it seemed like a place where I could make a new start."

"Blunt will do nicely we are nothing but up front with each other in private, all of us are. In a way rank means nothing in private, however, when a decision is reached that is final and will not be contested. Now that we are a ship based unit you will be asked often to lead tactical incursions and asked to make decisions on the fly. Very often these decisions will effect the lives and possibly the deaths of not only your team but of civilian assets. Are you okay with this?" Jack's tone was one that said volumes. He bought into his ancestor's view of the military, there is no crying, no remorse. There is no room for that.

"I understand what my roles and responsibilities will be and I am ready to perform them to the best of my abilities, without fear or favour." She replied.

"I see that you are an Engineering Specialist. How are you under pressure? Rebuilding weapons under fire and the like. Very often your success on equipment will dictate the success of the mission. I will admit that specialty is a place where The Kingsmen are lacking. So tell me are you capable of what I ask." As he spoke he very subtly brought a case embossed with the Starfleet Marine logo up from the floor and placed it on the desk.

"I've have done so, several times in the field, including my first mission, where I reconfigured my rifle to act as a one shot cannon, while underfire from an enemy atmospheric fighter." She said. "It drained the power pack and fired focusing crystal, but hit its target and brought the bird down."

Patton began unpacking the case and produced a number of parts and tools. "You know that one fact is one of the main reasons that you are sitting here. It is said that General Patton brought down an aircraft using nothing but one of those ivory handled pistols you see in the case. The similarity in the stories peaked my interest. Now, I will give you a test... A very real test. What you see before you are the parts that make up a standard issue phaser rifle. You have five minutes to assemble the weapon and remove the trap that is attached to it. If you fail it will explode and we will both die." Patton laid everything out in front of her and then spoke to the computer "Computer erect a level 5 forcefield around the throne room. Security override Patton alpha 7936. Start a five minute counter on my mark." He paused a moment, a moment that seemed like an eternity. "Computer Mark..." He then sat down at his desk and waited and watched her work.

Raylan sat down on the floor and got to work. It didn't take her long to assemble the weapon. She carefully examined what she had created. Finding the problem, she disassembled the beam emitter and removed the focusing crystal and crushed it in her palm receiving minor burns for her trouble. "Done." She said.

Patton had to admit he was impressed. It took her 2 and a half minutes to do what it took most engineers 5 minutes to do. Patton had purposely skewed the test for her to fail, and she passed with flying colors. He could not even try to conceal the look of astonishment and appreciation from his face. "Well done Master Sergeant, I am not afraid to admit that I am impressed. Really well done!! There is one last thing that needs to be done." Jack opens a ship wide channel, "Attention Kingsmen, please report to The Throne Room on the double."

"Thank you, Sir." Raylan said.

One by one the marines strolled in, while Patton was waiting for his team he walked over to the replicator and ordered up two very distinct items. When the team had fully assembled they lined up and came to attention. Patton spoke for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. "Men we have the distinction of possibly inducting the a new member of the Kingsmen. This is the first time that this has occurred since the teams inception. As you are all aware we are to become a ship based unit as of now. With that prospect comes added responsibilities. Gunnery Sergeant Schiano will no longer serve as my Executive Officer however he will remain as the EVAC specialist and will assist the fleet whenever he is needed."

Patton began to pace in front of the line of marines, and continued to speak. "Before us is the person whom I have selected to assist me in leading you, Master Sergeant Raylan Ch'Tol. Her record speaks for itself and she has served the Corps with distinction. She is a combat engineer, something this team has lacked. However, as is tradition with the Kingsmen there is one final test that each of you must give to her to see if you will accept her leadership. I have summoned you here for that test. Let us begin now... Master Sergeant Ch'Tol attend to the Kingsmen in Rank order."

"Yes, sir." Raylan said a little surprised at the order.

Gunnery Sergeant Schiano was the first to step forward. He squared himself directly in her face. "So youze want to lead us. What if I say no, what if I say your leadership ain't worth the snot that comes outta my nose. What do youze intend to do about it."

Raylan looked at Schiano."Well, I could knock you on your ass for insubordination." She replied. Smiling she added. "But, I don't wont to break my hand on your suborn skull.

"You may one day have to make that punch, but today is not that day," he said with a smile. Schiano punched himself in the chest with his right hand and then placed it upon her right shoulder. "I of my own free will accept you to lead me unto my death. Brother to brother, yours in life and death."

Raylan returned the salute and said "You honour me Gunny."

Schiano stepped back into the line as Staff Sergeant Brian Cancielleri stepped forward. He smiled at her sheepishly when he spoke. "If I am to follow you I must first believe that you intend to do no harm. With that in mind I propose the following scenario. We are on an op and there is a civ trapped by a fallen beam, I know that I can save them. However, in doing so I will surely die myself. I request your permission to proceed with the rescue. What do you do?"

Raylan thought for a moment. "I'd grant you your request, on the condition that I accompany you. That way I can watch your six while you rescue the civ." She responded

"The only bad medic is dead one..." Cancielleri added. Satisfied with her answer, Brian punched himself in the chest and placed his right hand upon her right shoulder. "I of my own free will accept you to lead me unto my death. Brother to brother, yours in life and death."

"Indeed, Staff Sergeant." Raylan said.

Cancielleri stepped back into the line as Corporal Alicia Reilly stepped forward and began to walk around Raylan. Reilly had a look of total disgust on her face. As she walked her Irish brogue began to ring out. "So, ye want to lead me... Well I have a mind to walk out of ere right now and leave you ere. I am of no mind to give a traitorous, conniving, Romulan my loyalty or oath. I grew up without a da because of yer kind. So give me five good reasons why I should?" When Reilly was finished she stood so close to Raylan that the two women could smell each others breath. Her hazel eyes flashed green.

"Okay. One, they killed my father too. Two I renounced all allegiance to the Star Empire upon reaching Earth. Three the Corps is my family and I never let my family down. When my mother was murdered by a greedy freighter captain, I killed him and his entire crew in vengeance. Four I hate Romulans with a passion. Five the only people that I am a traitor to are the Romulans." Raylan explained.

During Raylan's recitation Alicia could not help but slide a smirk across her face. Never judge a book by it's cover she thought and the smirk disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Alicia could not believe what she was about to do. Her ma would be incensed. However, something within her told her to give this woman a chance. She repeated the traditional gestures just as her teammates had done. Through gritted teeth she spoke begrudgingly "I of my own free will accept you to lead me unto my death. Brother to brother, yours in life and death."

Raylan returned the salute. "I know that was tough for you, Corporal, and I do not take lightly the trust you are putting in me."

Reilly snapped back into the line as Private First Class Brian Zapata stepped forward. He stared into the Romulan hybrid's eyes for a full minute and looked into her soul. "I am known as the door kicker, because I have little to no fear. Tell me what should be done with a marine who is afraid?"

"Fear is not the problem, in fact it keeps you alert, its giving into ones fears that gets you killed. I would take the Marine aside and get them to concentrate on their part of the mission and to put everything else out of the mind, until the mission is complete and we are back home safe." She replied.

"I have a followup question for you. Would you kick the door with me or would you be inclined to order from the rear?" Zapata said unflinching.

"Do I look like an officer? I'll be right beside you as we kick that door to pieces, PFC."

Brian smiled and punched himself in the chest with his right hand and then placed it upon her right shoulder. "I of my own free will accept you to lead me unto my death. Brother to brother, yours in life and death."

Raylan returned the salute.

Zapata stepped back into line as the final member of the team stepped forward, Private First Class Erin Inferson. Erin looked at the other woman for a moment and thought. She knew what this woman's skills were because Erin was smart enough to look over her record first. Raylan's skills were comparable to her own when it came to explosives. "I have one very simple question for you. What is the greatest thing that a Starfleet Marine can hope for?" Erin spoke in monotone.

"To die in the service of others." Raylan replied after a moment.

Erin smiled and hugged her soon to be new XO she whispered in Raylan's ear as she spoke. "Ignore all this pomp it is just show. You're a shoe in." She winked and then repeated the gesture that the rest of her teammates had done and then spoke. "I of my own free will accept you to lead me unto my death. Brother to brother, yours in life and death."

Raylan returned the salute with a smile.

Patton approached Raylan and the two officers snapped to attention as did the rest of the unit. "Do you swear your solemn oath as an officer of the Corps to follow my orders, give me and this team your loyalty before others until such time as we part ways. While we may part ways physically or lives are now joined until our death. One mind, one unit..."

"I swear, sir." She replied.

"Always remember to do everything that you ask of those you command. The highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for ones people. If you can remember those two things then I hereby grant you the position of Executive Officer of the Kingsmen, with all rights and privileges due to that station. May your counsel be honest and true, your aim steadfast and your loyalty everlasting." Patton slowly and deliberately punched himself in the chest with his right hand and then placed it upon her right shoulder. "I of my own free will accept you to lead at my side unto my death. Brother to brother, yours in life and death."

Raylan returned the salute.

Patton then passed her the two items that he had replicated. The first was the official patch of The Kingsmen and the second was a name patch that simply said Pioneer. "Men, I present to you your new Executive Officer code named Pioneer. Three cheers..." After the cheers Patton dismissed the team about their duties for the day. He was happy to have some new blood on the team and excited for what the future may hold for The Kingsmen aboard the Endeavour.


1st Lieutenant Jack Patton
Marine CO The Kingsmen
USS Endeavour

Master Sergeant Raylan Ch'Tol
Marine XO The Kingsmen
USS Endeavour

Gunnery Sergeant Robert Schiano
EVAC Specialist The Kingsmen
USS Endeavour

Staff Sergeant Brian Canielleri
Corpsman The Kingsmen
USS Endeavour

Corporal Alicia Reilly
Sniper The Kingsmen
USS Endeavour

Lance Corporal Brian Zapata
Rifleman The Kingsmen
USS Endeavour

Lance Corporal Erin Inferson
Weapons Specialist The Kingsmen
USS Endeavour


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