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The No Win Scenario Part 2

Posted on 03 Nov 2017 @ 6:56pm by Commodore Gregory Farragut & Commander Alidar tr'Seroht & Lieutenant JG Remak Davik M.D. & Lieutenant JG Beatrice (Bea) Power M.D. & Ensign Trey (3 of 8) & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir & 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton & Lieutenant Susan Atkins FTA

Mission: The Encounter 3X03
Location: Endeavour Bridge, Drydock
Timeline: Season 4 Prelude

And now the conclusion...


Alarms began to sound across the bridge. Consoles blared high pitched warnings that demanded their user's attention. The freighter's distress call ceased. Several thousand kilometers ahead of the Endeavour sensors detected a surge of tachyon particles. As quickly as the spatial phenomena appeared it dissipated only to be replaced by three Romulan D'Deridex Warbirds. Tactical alerts rang from consoles. The Endeavour was easily outmatched by the three vessels. Despite her robust complement of weapons and the enhancements provided by the tactical pod, she was one starship against three top-of-the-line Romulan battle cruisers.

Patton looked at the view screen well this was it... Rather than repeat any information that he knew the Romulan XO already was aware of, Patton took a different tact. "Sir, recommend tractor beam. We tractor the Maru back to our side of the zone. High warp tractoring is dangerous but doable. We are out matched and out gunned, we have to save the people and keep from starting a war here. The last message from the Maru indicated around thirty minutes of life support. That would be plenty to drag it across the neutral zone. Also, I must recommend again, putting the Kingsmen on stand by. If we deploy them in the Gimli that would at least give them something else to shoot at." Patton began pouring over the information on D'Deridex class warbirds. These ships have got to have a weakness, he thought.

"Red alert!," Alidar called. As the alarm klaxons sounded and the yellow console highlights were replaced with red, "We would have to drop our shields. We're outmatched as it is.

"Should we hail them sir? Inform them were on a mercy mission?" Trey asked. He looked out the viewscreen at the warbirds. He tried to calculate the odds of their survival, and frowned. Trey was scanning the Maru and frowned even more.

Turning to face Trey, the Romulan responded, "We would have never accepted aid. It took Hobus to humble ourselves enough to look outside our borders." Looking to Susan at tactical, he ordered. "Arm a Tri-cobalt device. Lock onto the Maru."

He then turned to helm, "Lay in a course back to Federation Space. Emergency Warp." Sitting back into the Captain's chair, he announced, "As soon as helm has the course, fire, then engage warp."

The Romulan warbirds advanced toward the Endeavour in a standard wedge formation. The lead warbird's plasma weapons charged to full power, followed by the pair at its port and starboard flanks. They locked onto the Endeavour's engines. In the back of the bridge, Farragut stood dumbfounded. He had always heard cadets threaten to destroy the freighter, but he'd never seen or heard it done live in a simulation. Greg bit down on the inside of his cheek to keep himself from objecting to Alidar's unconventional course of action.

"Stop!!!!!" Bea wasn't quite certain what she was hearing...this may have been a simulation but she was damned if she'd let an officer choose to blow up innocent people. She seemed to be the senior medical officer on the bridge and by hell she was going to speak up. "Have you lost your damn mind! Scan show two hundred and thirty three people still alive on that ship and their life sources are fading fast. Blowing them up would be a massacre...the slaughter of innocent lives."

"Think about it, Lieutenant," Alidar responded sternly. Pausing a mere moment, he continued, "A freighter claims to have had a malfunction. We give chase and follow the Starfleet book. We then spring a trap. Believe me, three D'Deridex-class warbirds would never surround one freighter at the exact moment a Starfleet vessel arrives."

Staring into Bea's eyes as if confused that she had not seen this, "Can you not see it? This is a trap. There are two possibilities. One, that ship contains valuable intel that the Empire would want to protect at all costs. Two, the ambush was laid for us, not the freighter. Look around, we are surrounded and they are in a formation to capture us. Our engines are targeted and the Maru is being guarded by the back of the wedge. We have also never had visual confirmation that the crew is real." Calmly, yet exuding a deadly serious tone, he asked, "Will you now carry out your orders? Or do I need to replace you with someone who will?"

"Nor have you been provided with evidence that the life signs on that ship are not real...your willing to take the chance and kill two hundred and thirty three people on a possible hunch?!?" Bea stood her ground, refusing to back down. Although this wasn't real, to the Executive Officer it was...the thought that he'd willing end the lives of so many people sickened her stomach. "There has to be other options..."

He pointed to the viewscreen, "Do you see those markings on the wing just above the port nacelles?" Alidar paused only momentarily, "Those are the crests of House tr'Durand. What they don't kill, they send to the dilithium mine. One way or another, we are all dead, and you are wasting precious time."

The bickering was cut short by a volley of disruptor fire. The Endeavour rocked under the barrage. Consoles sparked and overhead lights flickered. The weapons fire connecting with the Endeavour's shields triggered a ship-wide Red Alert. Klaxons sounded. Normally soothing gold and blue LCARS interfaces snapped to dark red. The three warbirds continued to loom ahead of the Endeavour, continuing their slow march across space to the isolated Starfleet vessel. Another volley of disruptors from the lead vessel collided with the Endeavour's shields.

"Sir there is a flaw in your strategy they aren't protecting the maru they are simply preventing effective rescue. If they can capture a ship of the line all three better for them. Sir recommend full retreat that is the best for all assets." Patton spoke as he carried out his orders now wasn't the time for argument it was for action. He also sent the command to unlock the Marine weapons lockers and armed his team. If they were boarded there would be such an end. "

Bea heard the beginning of Patton's words as her body took flight. The console that previously had displayed the vitals of both crew and the freight ship had exploded against the Doctor's back, sending her into midair over the bridge handrail until her body came to a rest behind the helmsman's chair. The woman let out a slight moan before the world went black.

Conor's hand wiped away a trickle of blood threatening to blur his vision as he focused back on finished his original order, finishing the input of any co-ordinates at all that would put them back into Federation space. "Coordinates locked in Sir!" The officer shouted his words to be heard over the klaxons.

Patton saw her flight out of the corners of his eyes. His instinct was to run to her to help her the way she helped him. But then his training kicked in. This was but a simulation, she was actually fine. But what if something was wrong with the simulation.

He issued orders through the comm system. "Medical team to the bridge code blue urgent. Sticks you too on the double..."

Yvette took a look at the viewscreen.

Trey braced himself as the Endeavour took another volley of Romulan fire. His ops console erupted in a shower of sparks, knocking him out of his chair.

Patton saw the Ensign topple out of his chair and rerouted ship's Operational functions to his console. Someone had to fill in while medical was on the way. He looked up at the Commander who stood in the center of the bridge chaos. "Now would be a good time Commander, ORDERS SIR!" Jack's last two words were shouted over the din of noise.

"Romulans are arming torpedoes" Susan yelled from the Tactical station.

"Fire the tri-cobalt device and get us out of here!" Alidar ordered. Now that the Endeavour was actually in danger, he hoped that his orders would be met with a bit less insubordination.

Conor's fingers still hovered over his controls and he looked across his shoulder, avoiding glancing at the prone body propped against the back of his chair; instead looking to tactical as he molded his head to show readiness.

The Romulans had other ideas. The two flanking attack cruisers peeled off to encircle the Endeavour. The lead vessel let loose another barrage of disruptor fire accompanied by a trio of plasma torpedoes. The Endeavour's shields began to buckle under the assault. Engine power fluctuated. Consoles began to violently explode across the bridge. The two flanking warbirds cut off the Endeavour's warp vector, trapping her between all three vessels.

Patton stood at his console and manned his post with no argument, as true soldier would. The latest barrage from the Romulans came through and his console was showing the areas of the ship where damage was recorded. At the moment his eyes were glued to the console working with Engineering to route resources appropriately. Without looking up he began to yell over the noise. "Give the co......" His sentence was cut short as the Strategic Operations console exploded in a barrage of sparks and plasma. The explosion tossed the Marine through the air and he came crashing with a thud right at the feed of Lieutenant Commander tr'Seroht. Patton's last breath pushed from his lungs when he hit the deck, and the tactical gears that spun constantly in his head came to screeching stop.

"Shields are almost down." Susan yelled after crawling back up since the last volley of something.

As the bodies fell around him, Conor tried to hear the words of those left standing through the buzzing in his ears. "Warp engines are gone...the drive is in overload and will explode in ninety seconds if she isn't dumped!" The helmsman clung to his station as the ship shook again and his console flashed with warnings left, right and center.

Yvette pushed Susan aside and fired the tri-cobolt device.

It flew past the warbirds and hit the Maru. The blast wave and debris impacting the shields of the surrounding Romulan vessels.

As the energy explosion cleared, Alidar’s heart sank at the sight of the three warbirds still standing. Remembering the words of his people’s mortal enemies, he whispered, “Perhaps today is a good day to die.”

Standing from his seat, framed by the bridge is chaos with smoke swirling, Alidar ordered, “Take is into the heart of their formation, even if it’s just on maneuvering thrusters. Feed as much power into the warp core as you can.”

He then stood a bit more straight as he announced, “It has been an honor.”

Having flung the ship at the last minute into reverse to try an avoid the worst of the debris, Conor found himself facing suicide...he didn't think that was the way he'd die but hours before sure what did he ever believe.

Pushing the impulse engines as far as he could, Conor turned the ship ninety degrees. "Oi oi Captain."

The tricobalt device streaked from Endeavour's aft torpedo launcher and flew past the Romulan warbirds. The attacking ships' point-defense systems lashed out with a flurry of disruptor fire, but the torpedo sailed past unimpeded. Seconds later it collided with the neutronic fuel carrier and detonated. A brilliant explosion overloaded the viewscreen's holographic processors and temporarily washed out the Romulan warbirds. The shock wave ripped through space and sent one warbird tumbling end over end. The other two continued their assault on the Endeavour pounding her collapsing shields with volley after volley of disruptor fire. Torpedoes connected with the saucer section and blew whole sections into space. The consoles at the aft of the bridge exploded in a shower of sparks as power junctions began to overload and fail across the ship, yet the Endeavour's weapons and escape pods remained operational.

"Permission to fire at will, sir" Susan asked after fight her way back to her spot behind the tactical station. This was so not the way she wanted to remember her first time on the bridge behind a tactical console.

"Commander, we have six decks open to space and 30 dead or missing." Yvette reported.

Conor hit the controls on his panel harder. He was shrugging to keep propulsion going with everything being sucked into the warp core. The explosion hadn't helped his situation one bit and the blood trickling into one eye didn't help even further. It was tug and push...the more they tugged closer, the more that external forces pushed them step forward and a step and a half back. It was a struggle but he used what power he could force into maneuvering thrusters to push as much as he could. "FORTY FIVE SECONDS LEFT!" His voice was a shout now to be heard above the klaxons and onbridge explosions.

"Fire at will, target their engines," Alidar responded to Susan. He ignored Yvette's report, under normal circumstances they would have organized a rescue and dispatched damage control team. However, in a few more seconds none of it would matter. "Keep us on target," he urged Conor. He was satisfied that he kept whatever smuggled intel or slaves from the hands of the enemy but this was not how he had envisioned the end.

Determined to see this out to the end, Conor just nodded his head in acceptance of the Commander's orders. The motion was probably lost in the motion and vibrations of the ship but his deep focus would surely not be. The path was difficult, although a straight line it required continuous course corrections and manual input as the computer's continued to fail and the bombardment on the ship continued to try and reduce the ship to dust.

Yvette stood beside XO's chair, emotionless as the Bridge consoles exploded around her. A heavy metal beam, blown from the ceiling, knocks her to the deck and pins her there. Green blood trickles slowly from the side of her mouth.

Final scenario tags/last words

The bridge rocked under the assault. Consoles sparked. Lights dimmed. It was perhaps the most chaotic moment ever witnessed on the bridge of the Endeavour. Computer warnings blared alerts of imminent destruction. Terminals flashed warnings of a warp core breach. And in an instant it stopped. The overhead lights snapped back to the glaring, bright white used in normal operations, and the console interfaces switched back to docked conditions.

From the back of the bridge, Farragut pushed himself off the bulkhead and slowly lumbered down the ramp to the center of the bridge while sipping his coffee along the way. "I think we've seen enough," He announced. Greg came to a halt on the raised dais and regarded the pile of seemingly 'dead' crewman sprawled at the bow of the bridge.

Conor couldn’t help it, he swung his chair around to look at his commanding officers, nearly knocking the medical officer behind the chair over as she was sitting back up in her own position. “Ah didn’t give him a chance to finish the rest of us off!”

"I think the bridge has been thoroughly put through its paces," Farragut observed, taking in the destruction wrought by the simulation. "Should have saved this for the station's holosuite."

Bea still felt winded as she pushed herself to sitting. Whatever about the simulation, it didn’t seem to do padding very sufficiently. Staying in a seated position in the floor, the young woman surveyed the rest of her crew mates before her eyes settled on their executive officer. She needed time to process her own feelings of what she had witnessed...she still wasn’t sure how to feel about his order.

Patton stood up dusted off his uniform, and smiled at Aldair. "Well Captain, did I die like an officer?" he said as he chuckled and went back to his station.

"It was certainly memorable, Lieutenant," Greg answered with a wink. "I didn't take you, or anyone else, for being such good actors."

Trey stood up and adjusted his uniform to something presentable. Befitting a Starfleet officer and all that. "Well, that was fun." he said with a smile.

"Thank you sir, I was a member of the Academy's performing arts group, The Starfleet Players." Patton said to his commanding officer and then turned to Adair. "Not how I would of done it Commander, but good work."

"Commander, unlike 1st Lieutenant Patton, I would have done the same as you did, given the same data." Yvette said. "Good work, Commander.

"I thank all of you for taking part," the Romulan said to the group. Looking back to Greg, he stated, "Regardless of if were what the rest would have done, I chose to protect Federation interests over those of the individual. It is something that I will have to take time to reflect on what took place today."

Using the helm outstretched hand, Bea smiled her appreciation as she stiffly moved to her feet. Taking a moment, the Doctor composed and braced herself before managing to turn to face her command officers. “Well done did what you felt was right for you.” Her words were genuine as afterall it is what happened it still didn’t make it anymore agreeable. But she couldn’t get stuck in this; too much else would be at stake.

Patton walked over to the young doctor, "You okay??? First time dying eh..." He said with a chuckle "...Here lean on me until you catch your breath." he added.

Bea smiled her appreciation at the marine as she rested her hand on his arm. He wasn't half joking...but then again she hadn't expected to be blown half way across the bridge either.

After the simulation had ended Susan rested her head on the console. Giving her brain a few seconds to come by. She knew what she would be doing the next few days. Plan a lot of scenario's in the holodeck.

"Good work everyone, I'd like personal assessments from all you before we depart," Farragut said, looking around the bridge. "You're all dismissed. Finish any errands you need on the station. We depart in thirty six hours."

Bea squeezed Jack's arm gently before moving away and giving the commanders a brief head nod. At the dismissal. Already her mind was going ninety miles an hour at the thoughts of what needed to be done before departure and the endless lists of restocking and prep needing to be completed in sickbay.

Amongst her endless thoughts, one further one came to mind as she turned back to Jack momentarily. "How is your chest doing Lieutenant?"

"Feeling great thanks to you..." Patton said as he winked at her and entered the turbolift to begin his report.

Not wasting any time, Yvette headed to her office to write up her report.

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