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Number crunching

Posted on 19 Dec 2017 @ 10:40pm by Ensign Trey (3 of 8) & Lieutenant JG Remak Davik M.D.

Mission: The Encounter 3X03
Location: USS Endeavour sickbay
Timeline: backpost after "Ray of Light"

Trey spent most of his time sense that meeting in deflector control crunching numbers regarding the "deflector weapon". He knew the technology aspect of it. Biological safety, that was a little out of his line. He saved what he had onto a padd and started to make his way towards sickbay.

He made his way throughout the ship. He took the long way though as was his custom." Bluegill parasites.ugh" he thought to himself. The thought of them couldn't help but make him shudder, for several reasons. It wasn't long before he arrived at sickbay. the doors hissed open to allow the ops chief entry.

"Doctor?" he called out.

"Ah, Ensign, welcome." Remak said in greeting. He placed down the padd he had been working on next to a biobed. Things at sickbay had mercifully begun to calm down somewhat and there weren't any dire emergencies for the first time in what felt like days. "How goes the work on the countermeasure?"

"It's taking shape, Doctor." he replied, nodding hi greeting. "I've hit a wall though. Regarding finding the right set of numbers that'll effect the parasites, without killing the host." he said.

"There are a great many variables to consider Ensign." The Cardassian replied. "Variations within a species could be enough to cause fatal complications with this technology, let alone between different species. Add to that the fact that we're not applying the pulse directly as we have developed here and I'm not sure there is a viable solution."

"Exactly." Trey said. "Give me a supply or tech issue, I can figure it out. The last thing I want is to kill an innocent by forgetting to carry a one." Trey replied

"If it were a question of simple mathematics, I would be much more comfortable." The Cardassian replied. "As it stands, there are so many variables that even a heavily controlled, modulated pulse doesn't guarantee a lack of casualties. I'm afraid the best we can do is to minimise the damage." He had apparently found himself in the weapons creating business, which was beginning to make him very uncomfortable.

"So what you're saying is that there will be collateral damage no matter what we do?" Trey asked. Weapons weren't his strength. He was getting uncomfortable as well but hid it well.

"We're upscaling a precision technology into something several magnitudes greater. Without extensive testing, we can't guarantee a lack of serious neurological trauma." Remak explained. "What we need to do is find a balance between an effective system and what will cause excessive harm."

"Perhaps scaling it down into a modified phaser? Selective targets vs blanket attack?"

"That's more viable since the technology is already portable in its current iteration. Unfortunately it's not what the Commander needs at the moment." Remake explained. "It has to be a deflector based system for the intended purpose."

"I totally get it." Trey said.

"Now, what I can offer is a detailed breakdown on the tolerances of various species, along with the corresponding pulse frequencies." The Cardassian began. "If you can cross reference that with species distribution within the fleet, I'm hoping that you can come up with an algorithm that will help control the pulse modulation in order to minimise that damage."

"That would help a lot. Thank you." Trey replied.

"I'm afraid I'm not one for engineering and technology." Remak admitted. "Is there anything else I can do to assist in your work?"

"Honestly, I don't know." Trey admitted.

Remak looked at the young officer, seemingly in over his head. He was no engineer, all he could do was offer help with the medical part of the problem. "Well, let me know if anything does come up within my realm of expertise."

Trey nodded. "Thank you." he said. Trey started to leave. "i'll see what I can do with that information for now." he added

Lieutenant jg Remak David
Chief Medical Officer
USS Endavour

Ensign Trey
Chief Ops Officer
USS Endeavour


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