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Short Briefs

Posted on 01 Nov 2017 @ 9:27am by Lieutenant JG Remak Davik M.D. & Lieutenant JG Beatrice (Bea) Power M.D.

Mission: The Encounter 3X03
Location: USS Endeavour: Sickbay
Timeline: MD01 0315hrs

The exhaustion was close to becoming overwhelming. Bea was fighting to keep her eyes open despite managing a cat nap not only 5 hours before. She was used to long days back to back with Doctors Without Boarders but the was the emotional trauma of today that probably hit home the most. That young child...she was barely of the age of eight and her body had suffered so much trauma from the alien. If they could manage would take months of rehabilitation to give her her life back.

Staring at the PADD in her hands, the young Doctor noticed how the words seemed to blur as even her eyelids seemed to keep dropping; loosing the fight to remain awake.

"Doctor Power." Remak said in greeting as he entered sickbay. He took a quick look around, noting the Marine Lieutenant in recovery. "It would appear you've managed to hold the fort, as they say on Earth."

Both the sound of the PADD slipping from her fingers, hitting the surface of the table, and the voice of her chief caused Bea to startle out of her drowsy spellin; almost bouncing out of her chair before she regained control of herself.

"Boss...Doctor Davik...I'm sorry...I was just..." Bea fumbled for her words before moving her hand to try and sheeplishly hide a wide yawn behind the fingers. "I'm's been abit of a busy did things go on the station?"

"Please do sit down Doctor. I'm sure I don't need to remind you of the effects of fatigue." He said with a smile. "The station was... complex. I'm not sure I'd call the mission a success, but we learned valuable information. It would appear the Marines had an eventful time."

Lacking in any of her typical grace, Bea moved back to sit in her seat as she shoved the PADD she had been reading in her bosses direction, indicating an offer for him to take the seat facing her. It didn't cross her mind that this was technically his desk and the seating plans should probably be reversed. "The short end of the story is that the Marine Commanding Officer got brave and tried to sacrifice himself for his crew. After some intensive surgery and a touch and go situation he'll be ready for discharge within the hour...with a few conditions."

Remak suspected that there was probably a better solution than the sacrifice play to the marine's problem. But the most important part was that the patient had survived. "I imagine you'll want to keep him off acting even duty for a while?" He asked as he scrolled through the patient report. Dr Power had done well to treat Patton as successfully as she had, he was impressed.

"Well...ah...." Bea pinched the bridge of her nose as she tried to figure out the next part. "We came to a mutual agreement...he stays in sickbay until oh four hours and I let him go on the condition that he reports to me every three hours over a twenty four hour period. It was either compromise or he was gonna walk out that day without so much as a goodbye and the next time we met he'd have been dead on a gurney."

The doctor knew that snippets of her Irish heritiage were slipping into her speech but she was genuinely too tired to care. "If he doesn't turn up for his check-ins then I get to stick him in isolation behind a force field till I'm satisfied one hundred percent he can be released back into the general population."

The Cardassian frowned. This marine was living up to all the stereotypes about military types and apparently cared little for his own wellbeing. "You would have been perfectly within your rights to isolate him then and there, or indeed relieve him of duty." He said. "I will always give you my full support on matters of that nature. Do you think he was just being stubborn or is a psychological evaluation in order?"

Bea sat back into her chair, rubbing both her hands across her face as she tried to used the last of her still concious brain cells to try and think out a response. "I think what he did was an instinctive reaction to the situation. Someone's in danger, save them. He obviously cares slot about his platoon as you can see it in the equal respect that they show him and more often than not that kind of relationship gives birth to a want to sacrifice without question if ever it is called for. Does he need a psychological evaluation? I don't think so...he's a marine through his core and heart and I don't think any marine would ever do differently. Also if you think about it...if you cared so much for somebody, would you not sacrifice yourself for them too? Colleague, lover, child wife...does it matter?"

"Perhaps it's a cultural difference." Remak suggested. "But sacrifice only has a purpose when there's no other way to achieve a worthwhile goal. A life is far too valuable a thing to throw away unless there is no other solution. Although I fear you may have misunderstood my intention. My concern was that he wanted to leave sickbay against medical advice, not how he performed on his mission."

Bea couldnt help but laugh. Moving again in her chair to try and prolong this conscious period, she placed her folded arms against the desk surface. “Boss...I’m not quite sure that counselling would appreciate if we sent them every patient who wanted to leave sickbay against our advise. They’d have weeks worth of a backlog to try and shift and may in turn haul us in for counselling instead.”

"I believe you have an expression on Earth, 'Doctor's orders'. Apparently that has less significance than I was led to believe." He offered a small smile. "Now, do I need to order you to get some rest, or will you forego the protestations?"

“The only job worse than ours for getting people to listen is...” Bea found her words interrupted by a massive uncontrollable yawn as she sheeplishly smiled at her boss. “ a counsellor. You don’t need to tell me twice. There’s a few reports I’ve left aside for you. Trina is working on restock when she reports into alpha and Stephen is going to take charge of discharges. Otherwise...sickbay is all yours Sir.”

"Thank you Doctor." He replied with a smile. "Get some rest, this will all be here when you wake up." He looked down at the padds on his desk, wondering which report to start with and which could be... deferred until later.

Pushing away from the desk, Bea have her boss one more smile before allowing her legs to almost sleep walk her from the room; leaving the CMO in her wake to tidy up.

Lieutenant JG Beatrice (Bea) Power M.D.
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Endeavour

Lieutenant Dr Remak Davik


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