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Going Miles

Posted on 31 Oct 2017 @ 5:43pm by Lieutenant JG Victoria Rigby M.D. & Ensign Trey (3 of 8)

Mission: The Encounter 3X03
Location: USS Endeavour: Counselling Suite
Timeline: MD01 1343hrs

Leaning back in her chair, Vikki reviewed the file in her hands with great interest. At the tender age of 30, this patient seemed to have lived a number of lifetimes over with their experiences so far in life. Formally of the borg...a chief with the rank of ensign...a chief at the age of was a profile of high acclaim and accolades but the young counsellor couldn't help wondering what kind of psychological effect it could have on a person.

There was the issue of being removed from the come from a race where your thoughts were never your own and your mind was never an environment where your only thoughts were you own and at times you were literally on your own with body else couldn't be in any way an easy transition especially when one went through it at the tender age of 9.

Leaning forward once more, Vikki inputted a request into the computer system; asking that when Trey had a moment could he come and visit her for a routine appointment. Should that fail...well she'd other ammunition up her sleeve to get the man over her threshold.

Trey was in is office in the ops suite when his desk console pinged. He read it and found a message from the counselor requesting his presence. Today was a rarity in that his desk was clear of padds. Normally he'd put something like this off, but something inside told him to go. And go he did, heading straight there.

He entered the counseling suite and saw a young petty officer, who he assumed was the receptionist. He hated using his Borg designation, but that was the name on his file. "Ensign Three of Eight." he said. "I have an appointment?"

The girl smiled up at the officer with slight nerves, she was a few weeks in this job but still she couldn't settle. Her bosses were fantastic, couldn't ask for better but still..."Ensign Three of Eight?" The realisation gave the young girl a fright as she looked up before quickly looking back down as her pale cheeks brightened to pink. "Vikki...ah...Lieutenant Rigby...if you go down the hall, her's is the second door on your right!"

"Thanks." Trey said. he went down the hall. He settled in fromt of the counselors door and rang the chime.

Looking up from her PADD, Vikki ran her fingers across her eyes as she tried to refocus. Words were all starting to blur into one and if she was absolutely obvious, the distraction was very welcome. "Enter." Even as she uttered the word, the counsellor was moving to her feet.

Trey entered. "Doctor Rigby?" he said. The doors swished closed behind him.

"Ensign Trey I assume?" Rugby stepped forward with a smile, her hand outheld as the man's implant gave her the key pinpoint to his identify. "I must say...I wasn't expecting you so quick. I hope I didn't interrupt anything."

Trey retuned the smile and took the offered hand. "Nothing interrupted." he smiled. "Just got your message, actually."

Indicating towards the seat to one side, Vikki moved. Towards the facing one as she moved to make herself comfortable. She couldn't deny it...she felt that this may be one of the most interesting patients she may have encountered in quite sometime; his history along being of so much. "We are in quite a lull at the moment alright with everything happening with the station. If I remember correctly you are chief of ops? You must find you've your hands full a lot?"

Trey couldn't help but agree. He only nodded. "Certainly keeps me busy." he said in agreement. He took the offered seat and adjusted himself for comfort. "But the variety keeps it interesting."

Sitting back in her chair, Vikki crossed one knee over the other as she rested her hands in her lap and studied the other man to try and get an idea of his character. "I do apologise for calling you up. I'm one of the newer counsellors here onboard and you may have seen Lieutenant Mitchell before but with a rejugging of work load we will be sharing the cases going forward. This is a kinda hello. I'm Victoria, let's get to know eachother more than anything."

Trey nodded. "Sounds good to me." he said. "In that case, pleasure to meet you." he added. "I just go by Trey mostly."

"Well Trey...why don't you tell me something about you that your bio doesn't know about you." Vikki smiled as she tried to put the man at ease with her questions.

"Hmm." Trey said, thinking. His mind was still a bid addled from his experience but he latched onto one of the few things he remembered, "Well," he began. "I had a teddy bear named after Captain Picard once." he laughed.

Vikki couldn't help but echo the laugh as she unfolded her legs and leaned forward just slightly. "Was he bald like the Admiral seems to have been most of his life?"

"Yes actually. If I remember right we shaved his head between the ears and put him in a little uniform." Trey said.

Vikki laughed in response, shaking her head a little. "How do you think that your teddy felt about what was being done to him?" The counsellor's eyes glinted just a little with humor.

Trey smiled. "Well, he didn't say anything."

"I guess that would make sense", Vikki's voice still held the junior before she sat back in her chair. "So it was always on your mind that you had a fascination for the Federation from the early age?"

"You could say that. When I was born the Enterprise D was just starting out. So I grew up hearing about their adventures. All the races they met, battles they've won. Some by the skin of their teeth." he said.

Vikki wondered if Trey intentionally left one item unspoken...the Enterprise was also the ship to introduce the Borg to the Alpha Quadrant. "Does your family have a history in Starfleet also?"

"My memory of that time is in bits and pieces," Trey began. "But I do seem to remember a mention of my mother being a supply sergeant in the SFMC."

"The marines? It unusual that you would meet a person who chooses a Fleeter career when their heritage is rooting in the marines?" Vikki easily replied. It may have seemed that she was swapping and switching topics but she didn't want to scare the man on their first meeting.

"It was a Fleeter who first befriended me after I was found." Trey explained simply.

"It must have still been difficult for you overall. Did the person who found you go on to help you rebuild your life?" Vikki replied.

"He did. He seemed to pick up immediately that I needed a friend and just introduced himself as soon as I was made "less threatening, to use the ships CO's terminology." Trey began.

"I won't say that life was rosy as soon as I left the collective, but he made it less scary."

"What was his name? He sounds like a friend in life that everyone finds themselves needing at some point." Vikki smiled.

Trey smiled. "He introduced himself as John Mercer. We still keep in touch wherever possible."

"It must be difficult though to communicate over such, what I imagine is, a long distance?" Vikki replied.

"Sometimes." Trey nodded.

Shifting in her chair, Vikki clasped her hands in her lap as she smiled at the young man. "Your a man of very few words Ensign."

Trey had a embarrassed look on his face. "I am sorry." he said. I certainly don't mean to be. I've been trying to be more talkative but I'ts been a long road, getting from there to here." There meaning his former life. "I try my best but some people can't get past my implants."

"How does their curiosity take form?" Vikki's smile gentled as she understood the man's words. She couldn't deny that they drew a person's eye but in her case; it was her job to look beyond the surface and focus on the center.

"Staring mostly." he replied. "But professional about it. If that makes any sense. In the FTA it was different as we had a "We're all in the same team, so personal stuff we leave at the door" kinda deal going." he explained, clearing his throat. "But I have run into people like "My father was at Wolf 359 you fill in the blank. That did wonders for my morale as you could expect." he said.

"That's where friends like John came in. He was the first person to see "Trey" not "Oh crap, it's a Borg. Run away! I try to be talkative like I said, but sometimes it turns into a case of "raise shields"."

“Do you think perhaps that you being guarded comes across to the person you meet and that might accentuate the feeling of being uncomfortable? Why just just be yourself?” Vikki smiled as she watched for the man’s reaction.

"So, if I follow." Trey began. "I may be in an "over protective" mode" he asked. " And I should just chill?"

“Have you given that idea a try before?” Vikki queried.

That struck a nerve in Trey, and his face showed it. That had never even entered his mind before. "I must admit, no." he said. "Something so simple, I've overlooked. I feel so embarrassed, but freed at the same time. Does that make sense?"

“Don’t beat yourself up over it Trey. Sometimes in life we need other people to shows us different aspects and views in life to be able to weight it all up. If everybody had the answers at their fingertips it would kind of make my position redundant wouldn’t you think?” Vikki replied kindly. There was no retribution in her voice, all she wanted to do was help the man if she could.

"Very true." He replied.

Leaning forward, Vikki clasped her hands at knee level with a smile. “Well it seems that today wasn’t altogether a loss. Do you want to give this a shot and come back to me in say...a week and we can discuss if things have changed much or how your feeling about it all? Things mightn’t change over night but often you’ll see and feel subtle indicators that what your doing is right or wrong for you. Trust your instinct is the key.”

Trey smiled. "I'd like that."

“Was there anything in particular you wanted to discuss or talk through Trey?” Vikki smiled.

Trey scratched the back of his head. "I think we've made progress on that score already." he smiled. "But I am looking forward to seeing you again. You've really given me some things to think about. And for that, I thank you."

Vikki smiled broadened a little more as she tilted her head slightly in the officer’s direction as a way of thanks. “I’ll take that as a compliment. So I’ll see you...” Moving from her chair to the desk, Vikki took her planner into her hands as she used her fingers to swip to the following week. “...thirteen hundred hours this day week?”

"Barring any major Ops issues, I'll be there!" he smiled.

Lieutenant JG Victoria Rigby M.D.
USS Endeavour

Ensign Trey (3 of 8)
USS Endeavour


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