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To Catch A Rat

Posted on 08 Nov 2017 @ 5:22am by 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton & Lieutenant Miracle Swiftpaws & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir
Edited on on 08 Nov 2017 @ 5:22am

Mission: The Encounter 3X03
Location: Intelligence Offices - USS Endeavour
Timeline: MD 2 - 0700 hrs

Patton stood outside of the Intel Offices as he awaited Lieutenants Swiftpaws and Beauvoir. He was wearing something that he never thought he would wear in quite some time, his Starfleet marine green uniform. Lt Swiftpaws was an interesting one to Jack. He had never met one of her kind before and she would take some getting used to.

"Squee!..." Announced the coming of Miracle before she was seen. Then she scampered into view with a data-PADD in hand. All hyper and her tail making geometric shapes behind her. The other person with her was holding several more data-PADDs. When she came to a stop, the person with her kept going and gave Patton a nod as they passed by on their way to fulfill the assignment they'd been given. "Sqoo.. Lieutenant. Ready to get yooz paws dirty?" Miracle turned her attention to him as her tail darted out and hit the announcer button to alert whomever was inside know there was quest awaiting in the corridor.

"It is what Marines do Lieutenant, we get dirty." Patton responded.

Yvette arrived last. "Patton, Swiftpaws, let us get started. She said. She went though the security procedures and then let the others into her office.

Patton followed Beauvoir into the office and took a seat. "Well the first thing that I can share is something my field medic told me. He managed to get one of these things to leave a patient with the use of doses of a neuralparalytic. The thing practically flew out of the girl's mouth."

"Interesting." Yvette said. "Did the neuralparalytic have any lasting effects on the girl?"

Miracle tagged along and settled in a vacant seat as she listened to the two talk. She looked about the room as she got comfortable.

"No that is the funny part, the medication was needed. The girl was suffering through seizures and neuralparalytic was needed to stabilize her for transport. The initial dose did not work, so Cancielleri upped the dose and when the hire dose kicked in out it came." Patton said in answer to Yvette's question.

"Then perhaps we can find a way to weaponize this neuralparalytic." Yvette said.

"Tranq-darts that are fired from a compressed air operated weapon." Miracle spoke softly. "Even though its archaic to the energy weapons wez have now-a-days. It would be the best way. This way. No-one has to get within arms reach of the infected."

"Sounds like a good idea, what do you think, Patton?" Yvette said.

"The only issue is we do not know what a neuralparalytic will do to a healthy person. The girl needed the drug as she was seizing so there was no adverse effects. I recommend that it is something to bring to Captain as a viable option, however, we may want medical in on that weapon's development. It would also be prudent to come up with an option B." Patton said pensively.

Miracle nodded as she spoke again. "Adjust the dosage. Have a Medic along to determine the dosage. If too little. Hit them again. If too much ... After the entity departed the body, resuscitate."

Jack nodded to Miracle, "That is sound, my field medic could do that easily. After all he was the one who dosed the original. This just sounds too good to be true. We should develop this plan, but another plan should also be presented. Tactics dictates at least two options." He added to Miracle's statement.

"I agree that the neuralparalytic darts are a good plan A, but as Patton said, we need a plan." Yvette said. "The entities have control over the hormone producers in the host's bodies, and can therefore make their host near unstoppable, so phasers and brute strength are off the table."

"Is there something that these things do not like. Something like a sonic pulse, a high pitched sound that drives them batty. Beauvoir you reviewed the Enterprise's experience with these things. How did they stop them?" Patton was grasping at straws. Fact was aside from the medication there was nothing else.

"They killed the King parasite and its host." Yvette sated. "I believe Commander Alidar was working on a em pulse that would disrupt the frequency that the entities are using to communicate with each other. From what I understand these entities operate like a hive of terrian ants, if in this case the king parasite is unable to communicate with the 'drones' the drones become inactive."

"What if we put the crew to sleep... Knockout gas... Can these things communicate when the host is asleep?" Patton was trying to think...But how did one strategize for an enemy that one could never no was there.

Miracle nodded at coming up with an alternative plan. "Squeeeah." Softly in agreement. As for the USS Enterprise, she wasn't familiar with that ship's tactics. "Howz wez tell the difference between the processed and not processed? If the host is incapacitated and the entity moves to another unknown unsuspecting host? Or how wez prevent it from moving to a new host?" Her tail gave a quick rippling tremble and went still.

Miracle had a point, how would one keep track. "That is just it Lieutenant Swiftpaws has hit the nail on the head. What we would need is a team of three or four officers that are intensely trusted. This four would be responsible for inoculating the rest of the ship. They would perform their duty while wearing EXO suits so there is no danger of them becoming infected. The question though still stands can they still communicate while the host is asleep." Patton thought that they were three quarters of the way to the answer. They just needed to answer that last question.

"If the entities have control of the host's body, I doubt sleep would stop them." Yvette pointed out. "The EXO suits are an excellent idea though."

Jack looked toward Yvette "Then what do you think would be an option to the neural paralytic idea?" He asked because he was fresh out of ideas.

"Isn't there something in medical bio-beds that produce a frequency or wave that would disrupt telepathic emissions? To not allow an Xeno-Species that has telepathic abilities from picking up stray thoughts while recovering or transmitting on an subconscious level." Even from where Miracle was from, they had to deal with telepathic species and being part of a Commando Team. There was ways to deal with them, besides out-right killing them.

"I believe you mean a cortical inhibitor, but I doubt the infected would stand around and let us attach one to them." Yvette replied. "I suggest a manual shocking their nervous systems with an electric charge. Using something similar to a Klingon painstick."

Patton liked both of the other ideas "Perhaps we bring all three options to the Commander. The idea of the drug, the idea of a cordical inhibitor would work. But as you said, they would not stand around and let us attach them. So we are back to knockout gas. We knock the crew out, four people in exo suits place the inhibitors, and there we go. We can also present the electric charge concept. I believe that all three are viable options and would work in theory at least." The question that Patton refused to ask was who, who would be the four.

Miracle nodded her agreement. It was moments like this that made everything seam possible. A good team planning out an operation with back-ups in place. "Wez make them work. Or wez simply put the infected down." Drawing a finger across her neck.

"Let's hope that it doesn't come to that Lieutenant." Jack said as he turned to Miracle. "Lieutenant Beauvoir I think you would be the best person to present our options to the Captain. However, without the Captain's approval I feel we may have arrived at a justifiable plan of action. Now we wait to see which plan is approved." He went on to say.

"Agreed." Yvette said.

"Well then let's go get em..." Patton said with a broad smile.

1st Lieutenant Jack Patton
Marine Commanding Officer
The Kingsmen/USS Endeavour

Lieutenant Swiftpaws, Miracle
Chief Flight Officer
USS Endeavour

Lieutenant Yvette Beauvoir
Acting Security Chief/Intel Chief
USS Endeavour


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