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Things Aren’t As Them Seem

Posted on 30 Oct 2017 @ 8:23pm by Commodore Gregory Farragut & Lieutenant JG Beatrice (Bea) Power M.D. & 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton

Mission: The Encounter 3X03
Location: USS Endeavour: Sickbay
Timeline: MD02 1000 hours

Bea stared at the computer terminal as she watched the writing move by and the fingers moved to input the notes. She still couldn’t get a handle on was her but it wasn’t her. She had no control and at times it was almost overwhelming. She couldn’t fight, she couldn’t scream...she couldn’t do anything but watch.

Patton sat in the Gimli, he had just finished updating the Kingsmen as to the status of their current assignment. The alarm that he had set chimed as it reminded him that he had to report to Sick Bay and Dr Power for his three hour exam. He acknowledged the computer and then set out to Sick Bay. During his walk he thought about the woman, she was beautiful, smart, caring and most of all she had a force to her that most women didn't exhibit, at least not to him. The more he thought about her the more that he liked her, but was she treating him that way because he is a patient or because she returned the thoughts, feelings, or whatever they were.

He walked into Sick Bay and found her sitting at the computer terminal. "Bea I am reporting as ordered. Where do you want me?" He gave her a salute and a smile as he stood there.

The voice startled Bea, in any other situation she might have looked up but she was powerless beyond the actions that the occupants of her body decided upon. She wasn’t sure why he was here and in all honesty...she damn well wanted him to go away. The Doctor still wasn’t sure of what this alien presence intended or indeed what it might do...Jack was still healing, anything out of the blue or unexpected would easily open old wounds and she couldn’t trust that this...thing...would be able to heal him again. There was more to it than that but she couldn’t bring herself to acknowledge those thoughts while she wasn’t in control.

Beatrice didn't look up from her computer when the Marine called out. Instead, the ship's doctor continued typing away at her terminal. Such primitive methods of sharing information. Written text. Static images. How droll. The creature's mussing interrupted the quiet solitude imposed since Bea's outburst in her quarters earlier this morning.

Jack walked over to her desk and knocked on it. "Uhhh, doc if this is a bad time I can come back. But, I made you a promise and I am a man of my word." He looked down at her waiting for her to even acknowledge his presence.

No no no no...he had to go. He couldn't stay...what would happened to him if he was hurt. The memory of the searing antagonizing pain still held in her mind. Is this being was capable of doing that what might they do to somebody else. At least Bea knew she had a purpose, they needed a host but Jack...why couldn't he just leave.

She wanted to try cry out but she knew that the alien would hear her and that could make things worse. The scream would just anger this...thing again. What if next time it went a step further. With Jack here maybe it could transfer bodies in which case she would be rendered useless and then he would have to cope with this...he didn't deserve that. Nobody deserved this parasite in their body.

The knocking on the table snapped Beatrice Power to attention. The Doctor looked up from her terminal and offered the green-shirted officer a broad smile. Her eyes darted to the insignia on his collar and then back to his face. "Lieutenant. What can I do for you? Are you injured?" Beatrice furrowed her brow in outward concern. Why is he here?

Jack stood there and although he did not know the woman too well, he did think that they bonded when he was recuperating. This did not seem like the same woman. "No I am fine doctor, thanks. I came to say thanks for loaning me that book on horses. It was a fascinating read." Now, he would wait for a response. If she acknowledged the loan then he would know something was up.

Terrified something might happen to Jack if he tripped this thing up, Bea wasn’t sure what else to do but to tell the truth. She didn’t want him hurt. She hadn’t saved him only to see him killed again at her own hands. First Lieutenant Jack Patton. A console on the station blew up, injuring his chest cavity. He made a promise to return every three hours for review due to early discharge...

It weighted on Bea heavily, this opportunity handed that someone could pick up immediately that something was wrong but once the alien in her realised the trip what would it do to Jack. She didn’t want to see him die. There is no book on horses. Suggest that perhaps we should run some scans to rule out any brain damage from when he stopped his breathing during surgery to ensure that everything is ok. Memory loss or confusion would be normal as although he replaced his breathing with artificial air and attempted to keep blood saturation’s high, the brain may still be groggy after everything and the trauma.

I'm so happy you're being helpful. I'd hate to think what I would have had to do otherwise. "I think you may be mistaken, Lieutenant Patton," Beatrice answered. Her back and forth with the trapped essence of her host took only a few seconds. Soon she would be able to rid herself of the lower life form's existence altogether.

"Horses? I think it was about more than horses, Lieutenant." Beatrice stood up from her desk and snatched the medical tricorder resting on the table. She opened it with a practiced flick of her wrist and began scanning the Marine. "I wonder if you're still recovering from your injuries on the station. Memory loss and confusion do accompany the injuries you presented," She explained, waving the device up and down. What treatment would be appropriate? Beatrice's gaze settled on a medical tray across her office. Don't make me guess... In the middle of the small array of tools, Beatrice's gaze settled on a laser scalpel.

Panicking as the scalpel entered her range of vision, Bea tried to reprocess the data on the tricorder that she’d been offered a brief glimpse off. The skin is showing signs of irritation, possible infection trying to press up through the surface. You need to replicate ten cc’s of cephalexin and administer it through a hypospray which you discharge against the side of his neck. Ask to see the wound...I need to see if the irritation stretches yet to redness on the skin. Bea only felt in control now because she knew this...she felt safe encompassed in medicine.

That's more involved than I care to be. Beatrice smiled at Lieutenant Patton and patted him on the shoulder. "Just some mild irritation from your injury, Lieutenant. Some cephalexin should clear that up and allow it to heal properly," Beatrice explained. She walked over to the medical cart and programmed the appropriate dosage into the medicine dispenser. In seconds a vial of cephalexin popped up out of the device, and Beatrice loaded the vial into the hypospray.

"Now if you'll tilt your neck to the side, I can administer this," She said. Her smile had fallen from her face. It would be easy to eliminate him. I could snap his back across my knee. Our knee, I should say. What happens to a human when you do that?

That was the straw that broke the camel's back. She was right, he didn't give her a book. But she did give him one. Something was up, but what... "You know what I don't think I need it. The irritation is fine and I will see you in four hours." Patton stood up and started to make for the door. He was not going to let her administer anything until she was checked out herself.

"Unfortunately, Lieutenant my medical expertise and the tricoder say otherwise," Beatrice said, turning the tricorder around for him to see. "I'd hate to turn this into an order...Jack." She offered a small smile.

Bea watched Jack turn away, part relief and part desperation. If he was gone he’d be safe. The earlier threat to break his back still echoed in her give a life with her own hands only to take it away once more. Even beyond that. There was one thing that might pull him back. The book Act of War...but stupidity the memory held some relevance in her life. Was she to have to give up everything she held dear for this thing to use as ammunition?

Looking at Jack, Bea felt equal frustration and despair, part of her knew he’d never see, as she almost willed him to equally flee and never look back and to turn around and come back. The infection needed treatment, any longer and it could start to take a hold of his body and try to attack the freshly repaired lung.

"Very well, if you insist." Jack offered a rather uncomfortable smile as he watched her fix the hypo to his neck. His thoughts were wandering toward what was in the hypo. He had an idea for a covert operation of his own... One that would be on the Endeavour. When the medication was administered "Am I dismissed Doctor?"

"Of course, Lieutenant," Beatrice answered with a bemused smile. "Jack...Would you like to get some dinner?" She turned the hypospray end-over-end in her hands, seemingly anxious about the question. You seem to like this one. And he seems to like you. Wouldn't it be wonderful to give him the same chance to be...uplifted?

Bea felt the bottom fall out of her stomach as she froze. No...he needed to say no; it might be the only time in her life that she wanted him to stay no. Any other situation, any other circumstance might have been different but in the here and now this needed to not happen.

Bea found herself willing Jack to say no. The more she thought it over and over the more she hoped that somehow he would.

He looked at her blankly for a moment. He could not believe that she asked him. In truth he had found her attractive and was going to ask her out when all of this was done. However, he also had to see what was going on here. "Yes, Doc... er... Bea yeah I would love that. Just name the time and the place." Patton smiled, he did want to learn more about this woman.

Beatrice set the hypospray aside and took a step towards Lieutenant Patton. She smiled up at the Marine. "Your quarters? After my duty shift ends?" She reached out and traced the outline of the Starfleet insignia on his combadge. "Or we could do mine if you prefer." Tell me how I'm doing. Does he seem interested? Your rituals are so primitive compared to our own.

Bea was still startled over the accusation that she had an interest in Jack. He was a patient...she’d saved his life. It’s a divide that wasn’t allowed to be crossed. Why did the alien say made no sense. Almost as little sense as the feelings Bea found churning through her when she watched her own fingers caress the marine’s combadge. Jealously...why would she be jealous.

It was going to have to be her quarters, he didn't have quarters and she knew that, yet another thing that was slightly out of place here. He needed to learn more. He and his team were assigned to staying aboard the Gimli for now. "Well, your quarters will do nicely I will see you there at the end of your shift Bea." He turned to leave, "Am I dismissed doctor?" he said as he smiled at her.

He’d said yes...why would he say yes? What reason had he to say didn’t make any sense. Bea watched Jack through eyes that were hers but at the same time we’re not. She couldn’t understand what was happening here and for a moment she forgot that there was more than them both in the room. The woman found herself remaining silent again, this time due to absolute confusion.

"1900 hours...don't be late, Lieutenant," Beatrice smiled, flicking his combadge. She slowly backed away and returned to her desk. Why so quiet? You don't need to be so worried about him...just as long as both of you play nice...

Jack smiled and nodded at her "I'll be there..." Then he turned to leave. The only thought in his head was that he had to get evidence before he presented this to Farragut.

Bea felt numb...she had absolutely no control over what was happened. Jack was in danger by the same person who before had saved him and he had no idea or realisation of the fact. Add to that...there was nothing she could do. No warning, no nothing. He would be walking into a trap and she was powerless.

Unable to know what else to do, Bea just remained silent...retreating in on herself, uncertain what other option she had.

Neural Parasite
Superior Form of Life

1st Lieutenant Jack Patton
Marine CO
The Kingsmen/USS Endeavour

Lt. JG Beatrice Power
USS Endeavour


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