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The No-Win Scenario Part 1

Posted on 29 Oct 2017 @ 6:42pm by Commodore Gregory Farragut & Commander Alidar tr'Seroht & Lieutenant Miracle Swiftpaws & Lieutenant JG Remak Davik M.D. & Lieutenant JG Beatrice (Bea) Power M.D. & Ensign Trey (3 of 8) & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir & 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton & Lieutenant Susan Atkins FTA

Mission: The Encounter 3X03
Location: Main Bridge, USS Endeavour
Timeline: Prelude Mission 4


Alidar stood on the Bridge on the Endeavour, over looking the space station around the starship. Even though the ship was not moving and was tethered to the station, a bridge officer was required to be present at all times. This so happened to be his turn.

As he looked around the empty bridge, the magnitude of the situation hit him. Just a few years ago, this very situation would have been either impossible or he would have been a very good spy passing as a Vulcan. However, here he was, about to become the very first Executive Officer to also be a Romulan. His thought was interrupted by the whoosh of the bridge turbolift opening. "Captain? I thought you would be getting caught up on the latest baseball news from... what was the colony?"

"Cestus III," Farragut answered, striding down the ramp to the command area of the bridge. He held a tumbler of coffee in one hand and a PADD in the other. Nearly a year into his command of the Endeavour, Greg realized why all the older Captains had a yeoman. No one wanted to carry around coffee and PADDs after enough time in the chair.

"And Lieutenant Seltriss already got me caught up. If you aren't careful I may replace you with her. She likes my jokes better," Greg added with a wink.

Patton stepped off the turbolift, smiled and nodded to the Captain and soon to be XO. "Captain, Commander, I hope you don't mind but I feel I should re-familiarize myself with a Strategic Ops console now that my unit is officially assigned to the Endeavour." Patton crossed to the Strategic Operations console barely containing a smirk, he knew what was coming.

Alidar regarded the officer in the green trimmed uniform. "Mr. Patton, I was unaware of any Strategic Ops scenarios.

"No scenarios that I am aware of sir. It's been a while since I've manned a bridge station. Since the Captain has given me the position of Strategic Operations Officer I simply thought I would get acquainted with my console is all." Patton said with a smile.

Trey walked soon after and nodded to the assembled officers. "Morning, all." he said, He walked to his ops station and began to give it the once over.

Alidar simply nodded toward the former Borg taking their station.

A few seconds later the door opened and Susan entered the bridge. Coffee in one hand and a few padds in the other, she mumbled a morning and headed towards her station. She was still getting the hang of this. That's why she had assigned herself to the bridge while they were stationed at the starbase. She knew security, no problem. But the Tactical aspect of her job was a whole new world for her.

"Glad to have you with us Lieutenant Atkins. I hope the Endeavour meets your expectations. I know we run things a bit differently than the FTA, but I'm certain you'll adjust just fine," Greg said with a reassuring smile.

Susan looked up to the Captain and tried to determine if he was being sarcastic or serious. "I'm sure I'll manage." she said with a smile.

Confused by the growing number of officers on the Bridge and the lack of all known Starfleet protocol, Alidar shook his head. "Take your seat Lieutenant. Join us for a morning on the Bridge."

Bea moved off of the turbolift with a slight hesitancy as she moved onto the bridge. It still wasn't clear why she had been summoned for this...what use would it be to have an assistant of a department during this simulation...infact where would they even fit her given her boss would be the one leading the show?

Glancing around, she tried to figure out where she could position herself, making her way over to the commanding officers in order to announce herself. While taking it all in, one person in particular though did catch her eye and not knowing what else to do; she just offered him a small smile before turning to the ship's commanding officers. "Sirs, I hope that I'm not interrupting. I was hoping to take a look around the bridge and familarise myself with her medical bridge centralised medical systems if that would be ok?"

Patton took notice of the doc entering the bridge. He was quite taken with her she was beautiful. However he still wasn't sure if his thoughts were because she saved his life or something else. He returned the smile with one of his own and a wink.

"I'd like to make an announcement, Alidar called. "My birthday is not until next month. Aren't they usually celebrated in the mess or on 10 Forward anyway?" Humans and their silly customs, Alidar sometimes missed the quiet suspicion of social gatherings back home.

"And how old are you again?" Greg took a sip from his mug to hide his smile.

“Let me see, the fourth anniversary of my fiftieth Birthday was last year,” Alidar responded. “Let’s see how you look when you hit the same age,” he jokingly fired back.

The exchange didn't very much help the young Doctor though as she was left still standing and not quite certain what to do except shuffle her feet and feel even more out of place than before. "Well....happy early birthday than Commander...I'll just go and explore the aux stations shall I?"

"It's Lieutenant Power, right?" Farragut ventured, lowering his coffee. "Take a seat at the port auxiliary station. You can monitor medical data on the ship's crew from there."

Bea managed a little smile and a nod of her head in acknowledgment of the Captain's direction. In a way she was intrigued to be here...this was all still so new and would be a chance to to see the people she now served with in action...even if perhaps that action wasn't real.

Moving around to the back of the commands seating, Bea's fingers moved across her touch screen as she rerouted medical control from sickbay to the bridge; bringing up the days she needed in order to monitor the health of the crew at large.

Greg took a look around the bridge and took a mental note of who was still missing. Doctor Remak and Lieutenant Beauvoir were decidedly absent. They could afford to wait a few minutes longer for their arrival. "Settling in at Strategic Operations, Lieutenant Patton?" Greg asked, crossing the command dais and taking another sip of coffee.

"Aye sir that I am... Looking forward to whatever you may need sir. I have uplinked some rather interesting data for quick reference. Old tactical scenarios from Captains the like of James Kirk. It may come in handy in a pinch." Patton looked at his new Captain and smiled. The mood on the bridge was chipper at the moment and Patton enjoyed it.

Yvette entered the Bridge. "I apologise for my tardiness, Captain, I had a personal matter to attend to.' She said.

Farragut shook his head. "Not a problem, Lieutenant. Assume the tactical station with Lieutenant Atkins."

“Would you care to explain what’s happening here?” the Romulan standing by the center chair asked, knowing full and well that they had not been cleared to depart.

Greg took another sip of his coffee before answering. "We're leaving spacedock, Commander? What else could we be doing." He surveyed the assembled officers before turning back to Alidar. "I think you're perfectly capable of taking us out, Commander. Once we're free and clear set a course for our patrol along the old DMZ."

Conor came onto the bridge at an almost skid as he exited the turbolift in time to hear the Captains words. In a whisper, he swore under his breath as he headed for the helm position. "Sorry I'm late! Ah...something came up on the station...I was otherwise entangled and couldn't get away..." Sliding into his chair, the helmsman knew very well the excuse was as lame as it sounded but it was the best he'd got..the truth wasn't pretty.

"Let's not make it a habit, Ensign," Farragut called out, dropping down into his command chair. "When you're ready, Commander."

“You heard the Captain,” Alidar called out. Stepping closer to the helm, he said in a normal talking tone, “Take us out. When we clear the markers, take us to Warp 7.”

The Romulan First Officer then turned and offered Farragut his chair back. “It’s all yours.”

Greg waved the Romulan off and started to make his way up the ramp to the aft of the bridge. "I'm going to observe for now. Pretend I'm not even here," He explained, saluting with his coffee mug. He stopped at bulkhead separating the turbolift from the aft bank of stations and leaned it against it.

Conor more easily hid his smile as he was faced away from the main bridge. The XO wasn't gonna know what hit him, "Initiating maneuvering thrusters now...plotting in course heading one eighty mark four." Even as he said the words, a heavy thud could be heard as the umbilicals linking ship to station disengaged and slowly the ship begun to move away.

Alidar watched the viewscreen as the sensors picked upthe fact that they were heading out of station. The station now read as Obsidian Command and the ship was now close to the Neutral Zone, which was set at the line established when Romulus signed the Khitomer Accords just after the Dominion War.

The Romulan threw a suspicious eye to the Captain, then looked at Ops. "Anything on sensors?" he asked, thinking that there was more to this little jaunt around the block than her thought.

Trey checked his console. "Yes Commander. I'm reading a federation freighter on sensors. Close to the neutral zone." he said. "Class 3 fuel carrier. Designation USS Kobayashi Maru."

For some reason the name sounded familiar to Alidar, but he didn't know where he had heard it. "They may need a reminder that there is a treaty. Hail them."

Patton remembering his Academy acting days put his most businesslike command face on. "Sir I am getting the information on the Kobayashi Maru now. It's registry is classified as Amber, Tau Ceti IV is it's home port. Currently a Captain Michael Vance is in command. Eighty crew members, and three hundred passengers. Minimal defense and offense capability. Hailing frequencies are open sir..." Patton glanced at the center chair from the Strategic Operations console.

Alidar thought about the information passed along by Patton. “Captain Vance, this is the Federation starship Endeavour. You are ordered to cut your engines and await our arrival,” he gave his best command tone. He looked to the helm, “Intercept course, maximum warp.”

"Endeavour, this is Captain Vance of the Kobayashi Maru. We're traveling from Altair 6. We've struck a gravitic mine and have lost all power." Captain Vance could barely be heard over the hissing static and muffled alerts blaring in the background of the wayward freighter. "Our hull is penetrated, and we have sustained heavy casualties. Life support is failing, can you assist us Endeavour?"

Patton almost didn't keep a straight face. "Sir, the Maru is now in the neutral zone. I would be remiss in my duties sir, if I did not point out that if we intercept we would be in violation of Neutral Zone Treaty. Sir" Patton said as he began to plot out some strategies for Alidar. Patton knew this was an exercise but he wanted to give the XO his best.

Trey began a sensor sweep of he area, which so far turned up not much of anything. "Sir, sensor sweep of the area shows nothing of consequence at this time. No enemy ships in range as of yet."

Conor's fingers maneuvered over his panel as he brought the ship about at the commanding officer's request. This was going to be interesting...least it was a practical dead certainty that they were going to die. He could only hope it didn't take anymore than 22 minutes as that was his guess in the crew's pool. "Course set Sir. Warp nine point three engaged. We should be there in approximately three and a half minutes Sir."


Nothing of consequence, Alidar thought to himself. How little they thing of cloaking devices, "Yellow Alert," he called out, which would bring up shields and begin the warm-up procedures on the weapons.

"Yellow alert active," Susan said as the yellow glare came about on the bridge. "Weapons ready in 5, sir"

The Romulan took a look to the strategic operations position. "I am aware of the treaty violation," he said as though it were a trivial discussion. Turning his head to Operations, "Keep the sensors focused on stray tacyons or slight temperature variations. We could be right on top of a D'deridex before it would register anything."

"Yes sir. Engaging continuous scans of the area." Trey said, kicking himself a little bit.

From the back of the bridge, Farragut watched the scenario unfold. So far Alidar was sticking to the usual routine. Hail. Warn. Scan. Assert. Yellow Alert. Acknowledge. All the opening moves from the command school textbook for a dangerous rescue. He took a sip from his coffee and scanned the bridge, a mirthful smile on his face obvious to anyone who made eye contact. Once the Romulans appeared two potential outcomes emerged: the examinee orders the ship to retreat or goes down guns blazing. He wondered which camp Alidar would fall into.

"Sir, shall I alert my squad to prepare for boarding and assisting in evac if needed." Patton called out from his position.

"That won't be necessary," Alidar responded to the Marine. His mind already calculating the ways this mission could go wrong. So far he was sticking to common practices and procedures, though his suspicions were being piqued.

As the starlines faded as the Endeavour came out of warp, the Romulan gazed switched from the viewscreen to the helm's console. "Report," he asked the Bridge crew. "What's the status of the Kobayashi Maru?"

"Life support is on it's last legs, sir. Message from the EMH requesting medical assistance." Trey said. "Sensors indicate around twenty to thirty minutes of air left."

The Commander’s eyes scanned the screen for the telltale sign of a shimmer that would tell them that it was too late. “Have the transporters ready to beam survivors to the cargo bay with a Level 2 containment field and a medical team on standby. Any sign of other ships,” Alidar asked. The Romulans’ sensors would have lit up like a Human holiday already.

"Commander, I have an idea." Yvette said. Approaching the Ops console, she said. "Ensign, If I may?"

Trey nodded and gave Yvette room to work. His body language was basically saying "By all means."

Yvette's hands played across the the controls and fired a tetryon pulse. "That should give us a few minutes while they realign their sensors."

Concluded in Part 2


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