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A Night To Remember Part 2

Posted on 18 Dec 2017 @ 12:45am by Lieutenant JG Beatrice (Bea) Power M.D. & Commodore Gregory Farragut & 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton

Mission: The Encounter 3X03
Location: Beatrice Power's Quarters - USS Endeavour
Timeline: MD 2 - 1900 hrs


He noticed a picture on the table behind Bea. It depicted a man riding a horse and little girl. Jack presumed that the girl was Bea, but he was curious who the man was. Probably her father he thought. "Hey that is a beautiful horse. Who is that riding? I have never rode horses before but would love to learn." He took a stab at conversation as he attempted to learn the answer to his question.


Bea froze, she didn’t need to see the picture to know the one he spoke about. Jonathan... even the sound of her voice in her own head quietened as she whispered his name. The memory still so raw...even rawer now in her defenselessness. Not now...she couldn’t do this now.

Jonathan who? She blinked at Jack and cocked an eyebrow. "Hmm?" She turned to follow the man's gaze and saw the picture resting on the side table. Is he family? A friend? "It can be quite the sport, but not something I've attempted in quite some time. That's Jonathan riding." Beatrice seized on what little information she had.

"Is Johnathan an uncle, a cousin?" Jack asked. He seized on an opportunity when he saw one. Most people didn't respond to a request of who was in a picture with a name. Usually it was my brother or my uncle and then a name.

He’s deceased, she didn’t want to go down this route...the memory was too precious to be divulged to an alien that had taken everything else from her. She’d never allow Jonathan’s memory to be stained or ridiculed in anyway...he deserved so much better than that.

"Someone from my past...I...I don't want to get into it, if that's okay," Beatrice said, her voice dropping to a whisper. She looked away and glared at the photo. You remember what happens when you don't cooperate, don't you?

Bea felt fear on hearing the words but the fear meant nothing against the backdrop of emptiness the memories of Jonathan brought with him. Have didn’t want to go there...not with this alien. Her brother meant more than she did right in that moment.

Jack looked at her and took a sip of his wine. "Eh, suit yourself... But I always feel better about bad memories when I let them out." He decided to change tact for a moment. "Do you like to ride? I would love to learn..."

"Why don't we talk about you," Beatrice said, gaze still averted. "What did you do before Starfleet? And not just what's in your file." She finally turned back to face Lieutenant Patton.

He smiled, "Me? I am not sure exactly what you would want to know. My life before the Corps was nothing much of note. I was a military brat. Both of my parents are Marines of note so I being there only child was immediately groomed to follow in their footsteps. I guess you can say the corps is my life. But, strategy and tactics has always been where my interests lie." He placed his hand behind his neck and looked at her bewildered.

This was certainly the strangest date that he had ever been on, he thought. Something was different about her but he could not place his finger on it. He seized the moment and as a Marine would acted. "You know Bea, forgive me for saying so, but something is different about you. Something different from the last time we spoke. I can't quite put my finger on it..." He sipped his wine again as he trained his steely eyes on her.

"You're not wrong, Jack," Beatrice answered. Her solemn expression was shattered by a broad smile. Because you didn't help me, you and I are going to have do accelerate things. "Strategy and tactics. Interesting answer. It doesn't tell me much about you though, Jack." She pushed her chair back from the table and stood up.

"One is goals, the other is methods. You must have a preference for one or the other. Right?"

Bea wasn’t sure what scared her more, the alien’s words to her or the fact she just wasn’t sure what precisely would be happening. Surely it would have attacked by now if that was it’s intent...her own mind ran a million miles an hour as she tried to decide what to do.

"Actually no I do not have a preference. In my mind, and well in the world actually they go together. One must follow the other. Strategy leads to tactics, you set your goal, your strategy and then implement your methods your tactics. Without one the other is useless..." Jack watched the woman rise from the table. There was definitely something going on here and now he knew it. His task now was to figure out what.

"Tactics interest me more," Beatrice answered. Continuing to smile at Jack, the woman circled the table. Her hand lingered on the tabletop, tracing its edge as she advanced on Jack. "I prefer the execution...the aftermath...." She stopped within reach of the human Marine. And speaking of execution...

He watched her walk and the conflict bubbled up within him. If he didn't know better he would have thought that she was attempting to seduce him. Well if tactics was what she wanted then tactics was what she was going to get. Bea was definitely getting to point and Jack just didn't know what that point was so he decided that it was time to employ tactics of his own.

He reached out and placed his hand on hers and traced her finger for moment. Then he stood up keeping his hand on hers he closed the distance between them. He stood head and shoulders taller than her and he knew it. Jack looked down at her and into her eyes as he attempted to gauge what was going on in her head. "Yes indeed, execution the ends to the means..." His muscles tensed, for what was yet to be seen...

Beatrice looked down at Jack's hand. Such strange methods of communication. She turned hers over and took Jack's hand into her own. Beatrice's grip was firm. "Do you like to try new things, Jack?"

Bea felt paralyzed, her instinct was to scream; to try in some way to disrupt what was happening but no sound came. She was helpless to having to just what this alien promised would be the death of an innocent man. Was this to be her punishing for refusing to speak of her watch the life of a man ended at her own hands?

"I do enjoy doing and trying new things, however it depends upon what those things are. What did you have in mind?" Jack said with just a hint of apprehension in his voice. He was at a loss as he attempted to figure out what was going on in Bea's head. His current plan of action was to see what she had in mind and if he had to leave.

"Maybe it's something we can save for next time, but..." Her voice trailed off and Beatrice leaned forward. She pressed her hands into Jack's chest and looked up at him with half-lidded eyes. "There's no harm in a little preview."

The alien’s words and actions were still so confusing. Why hadn’t it attacked by now? At this close proximity it could have finished Jack off by now...what was to be gained by prolonging the situation. Please don’t hurt him...I’ll do anything in return...just don’t hurt him.

Jack looked down at her and was not sure exactly how to proceed, or more specifically how she wanted him to proceed. "Well I guess this is good night then..." He said. He then leaned in to kiss her.

Then you have to promise me... Beatrice smiled up at Jack and met his kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled the man close. To never, ever lie to me again...or he dies by our hand.

Bea wished she could close her eyes, that the warmth of his eyes staring into hers could just be blocked out. She felt every soft and tender Jack was being with his lips, how his hands held her body so softly. But none of it was real to her...she couldn’t let it be. I promise.

Good... Beatrice released her hold on Jack's neck and began to pull away from the kiss.

"Wow, okay..." Jack breathed when the kiss broke. "I didn't think you were interested."

She grinned up at Jack. "Well, now you know Lieutenant Patton," Beatrice said. "I hope the interest is mutual."

Jack did a double take as he turned to leave. This was by far the weirdest date that he had ever been on. He still couldn't shake that there was something off about Bea. He would go have a chat with the ship's doctor, he was her direct superior and perhaps she is normally just a little odd. "Have a good night Beatrice, we will have to do this again sometime." He smiled as he stood by her door.

"You too, Jack." Beatrice glanced at the neglected food and walked to the door. "Maybe next time we'll even manage to eat our dinner, hmm?" A very special dinner, indeed.

Bea felt numb...more now than she had ever done before. She watched his lips form the words and she heard her own echo words in response but in all truthfulness...none of it mattered anymore...nothing mattered anymore.


Lieutenant JG Bea Power M.D.
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Endeavour

Neural Parasite
Superior Form of Life

1st Lieutenant Jack Patton
Marine CO The Kingsmen, USS Endeavour


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