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Prepping her Department

Posted on 29 Nov 2017 @ 8:01pm by Lieutenant Miracle Swiftpaws

Mission: The Encounter 3X03
Location: Endeavour

After the meeting with Intel and the Marine officer, Miracle scampered through the ship to brief her flight department of the upcoming encounter with a new enemy. She darted around the slower moving crewmembers of the ship. Sometimes slipping sideways between two who were walking side by side.

She gave a quick, yet polite, 'Squeak" to let them know she was going to pass by them and not startled them with her presence as she passed them by.

Entering her favorite part of the ship, the big Shuttle Control bay room that overlooked the neatly stored shuttles and the ones on the ready pad for immediate usage.

She looked around at her busy crew, dealing with the many little daily tasks that needs to be done and her Second, Assistant Flight Chief approaching her along with the Senior Shuttle Chief.

She gave a quick nod in response to ACFO. "Wez are going to face down an Entity that able to take over a living sentient being for a host. There is a plan being put into action upon the clearance of the CO of the Endeavour." She looked around and back to her Chiefs. "Iz need the Shuttle Bay on lockdown and no one takes off with a shuttle without an eyeball to eyeball confirmation from mez."

The two senior officer looked at each other and then back to her. One was getting ready to speak, but was for stalled by her upraised hand.

"That includes all Senior Officers. Specially the Captain." Miracle looked at her Senior Officers. "If the Entity gets aboard. Wez want to contain it and capture or kill it before it can reach more heavily populated areas."

"This really makes it hard. What if you're compromised?" The Shuttle Chief spoke up with concerned.

"Then wez use a challenge password confirmation." Miracle spoke thoughtfully. "If that don't work. Then the command falls upon yooz to deny even mez from accessing a shuttle." She spoke to the ACFO.

They both nodded solemnly. It was a tough situation to be in and it took guts to be in such a position of responsibility.

"Hopefully there will be checkpoints manned both by Security and Marines to catch any strays if theyz get aboard. Treat this as an 'All Hands on Station' and the team can work in shifts and sleep in the crew lounge or one of the shuttles not on the ready pad." Miracle glanced at her notes. "Till this situation is resolved. Wez be under Red Alert."

She could see the flashes of anger in their eyes and then the resignation of compliance to orders. She would be right there with them, sharing the hardship with them. "If required to leave to go to another part of the ship, pair up wit another."

"What about you?" Her ACFO spoke up, both of them watching her intently.

"Even mez. Specially mez." Miracle looked thoughtful. "Assign another with mez incase Iz have to go to a briefing with the Captain. Wez travel in pairs."

Both of her sub chiefs nodded. Even she must comply with her own orders. Sometimes being in command had its perks and then even with the restrictions by setting the example.


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