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Posted on 07 Dec 2017 @ 6:52am by Captain Kate Banninga & Commodore Gregory Farragut

Mission: The Encounter 3X03
Location: USS Endeavour
Timeline: Prelude


"You ever commanded a station before, Captain?" Gregory Farragut didn't stop to ask the question. He and Captain Kate Banninga walked the corridors of the Endeavour at a slow pace. Their conversation had started at her guest quarters and continued through the halls of the Nebula-class starship. It felt strange having the Enedeavour's former commanding officer aboard almost like a biological parent checking in on the ex's new partner.

"Well, to be honest," Kate said. "It's a bit strange. This was my home for about a year and my first command." And not to mention the connection this ship had to her accident that cost her her lower arm. "How is she been doing for the last two years?"

Farragut shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know what you've heard, but, well, things got a little dicey the last couple months." Greg shivered at the memory of the encounter with the neural parasites. Despite their success the effects of the creatures left an impact on the Endeavour's crew. Some wouldn't quite be the same. Others gone entirely. "She's a good ship, Captain. Good crew. I don't know who else could have fared better."

"That she is indeed," Kate said. "After all they've been through, they've got very valuable experience in dealing with the impossible."

"I don't envy your task, Captain," Greg said. "You've got a station in ruins. A colony that doesn't trust us. Pirates knocking at your door. Are you ready for this?"

Kate chuckled. "If you mention it like that it sounds like an impossible task." she said. "But I like a challenge. And at least I won't get bored easy."

"No, I don't doubt that," Farragut said with a laugh. "You'll have us, the Yorktown, Pico, and Cassiopeia for whatever you need, but I can't promise how quick we'll get here."

"That's good to know if we ever need assistance." Kate said. Then remembering something. "By the way, congratulations on your promotion. Task Group Commander. Well done. From what I read you deserve it."

Farragut shook his head. "Thank you, but it's the crew that deserves it. I'd promote the lot of them if I could, but that doesn't work out well for command structures."

"No, I think it doesn't." Kate replied. "Where are you heading, after dropping me off, that is."

"Starbase 212," Greg answered. He stopped at the entrance to the airlock connecting the Endeavour to Langley station. "Pirates, or at least that's what Starfleet is calling them, hit a convoy headed to Cardassian space. Eight ships destroyed. The USS Leopold barely made it back under her own power." He shook his head and let out a heavy sigh. "FTA wants in on it too."

Kate whistled softly at hearing the number of lost ships. "That kinda makes sense. FTA wanting on board, with the smuggling and all they'll have their work cut out for them."

"I'll try and see about getting you a patrol cutter assigned to you. I know these stations are tough, but I'd feel more comfortable knowing you had a vessel assigned to guard duty." Farragut looked over at the control panel and began cycling the airlock with a press of a button.

"That would be great. I'm afraid we will need it some time." Kate said. After the airlock had opened she shifted her duffelback to her other shoulder and took one look at her old ship. It had been great and strange at the same time, spending time on board. Turning to the ships new CO, she said. "Thank you for the lift."

"Anytime, Captain," Farragut said, dipping his head. "Good luck out there."


Captain Gregory Farragut
Commanding Officer
USS Endeavour

Captain Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer
Langley Station


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