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Off to Langley

Posted on 09 Dec 2017 @ 11:45am by Ensign Wolk Kiri

Mission: The Encounter 3X03
Location: USS Wolf/Saturn
Timeline: MD 2 - 1100 hours

When Wolk returned to his quarters his head was still spinning. He walked over to the replicator and got himself a drink and then sat down on the couch. He had a lot to do, but needed a few minutes to get his head around everything. The significance of his promotion wasn’t lost on him in the least. If anything it was, quite simply, scaring the crap out of him. So far he had always had a senior officer to rely on to catch something he may have missed or to offer another perspective. This was vital when you were talking about diplomatic relations and was the one thing that Wolk would seriously miss as he transitioned into being that senior officer.

As he sat there pondering, his Padd notified him of another incoming message. This one contained his transition orders. Based on this the Endeavor was currently engaged in a mission, though the details provided were utterly useless. He was ordered to report to Langley Station and await the Endeavor’s arrival. No ETA was given for when that may be. Further, the USS Saturn would rendezvous with the Wolf at 1500 hours today as they were in route to Langley Station. That gave him a total of four hours to be ready. Nothing like cutting it a bit close there command.

Fortunately it didn’t take very long to get his personal belongings packed up. One thing about life in Starfleet was that you didn’t tend to accumulate a bunch of stuff. The items that he did keep had more sentimental value than anything else. Little odds and ends that he kept from various missions that he had been part of, his Prylar robe, which he still kept even though he no longer served the Prophets in that role, and of course his meditation altar in front of which he had wrestled with so many things over the years. Two transport boxes now sat by the door, waiting to be transported to the Saturn.

With a couple of hours left before the Saturn was to arrive, Wolk wandered the ship a little and said goodbye to some of his close friends. It was a bit surreal to realize that his time on the Wolf had come to an end. The past three years had certainly flown by! He had made some great friends here, and lost a few as well. Such is life in Starfleet - transient at best.

His last hour on the Wolf was spent getting in touch with his sister, Caho. She had just started her studies at Starfleet Academy and the two siblings stayed in very close contact. Caho was five years younger than Wolk and had always looked up to her older brother. It wasn’t all that surprising to the family when she too decided to join Starfleet, but Wolk was concerned. It wasn’t an easy life, and one that by its very nature was dangerous. Truth be told he would have preferred for her to chose a safer path, but she was determined this is what she wanted to do so Wolk was going to do everything he could to help her. He filled her in on his transfer and let her know he'd contact her again once he got settled. She talked excitedly about all of the experiences she was having at the Academy. Caho had always been a good student, very smart and eager to learn. Clearly that hadn’t changed now that she had left Bajor. Wolk was comforted seeing how well she seemed to be adapting to her new life, just as his was about to change once again.

They had to end their conversation when Wolk was contacted and informed that the Saturn was standing by for him to board. He took one last look around the now virtually empty quarters that had been home for the past three years and took a deep breath, centering himself. It didn’t take long for him to transfer over to the Saturn and to find his temporary quarters. The computer advised that the ship was due to arrive at Langley Station in 37 hours, so this would be a very short stay on the Saturn. Just long enough for him to look over the crew, get familiar with the ship layout, and read through the recent diplomatic and intel reports regarding this new region of space that he found himself assigned to.


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