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The Diplomat

Posted on 05 Jan 2018 @ 7:36pm by Ensign Wolk Kiri & Commodore Gregory Farragut

Mission: Crisis on the Frontier 4X01
Location: Ready Room and Langley Station
Timeline: Prelude Mission 4

OOC Greg: I figure we can set something up with your character and how it relates to the Endeavour. We can cross post it on Langley too if it makes sense. :)

Wolk was in his temporary quarters on Langley, going over some of the newest diplomatic communiques. With his promotion to Chief Diplomatic Officer the amount of incoming messages and updates that he now had access to had practically doubled. There was so much going on within the Federation right now that it was practically a full time job just to stay on top of the incoming information.

He had just finished reviewing an update on increased piracy activity, something that was becoming far too frequent throughout Federation space, when he was notified that he had an incoming communication. He went to the desk and accepted the subspace message which was from Commander Farragut. This was certainly unexpected.

"Good day Commander" Wolk said as he sat down in the chair.

"And a fine day to you, Ensign," Farragut said. He returned the young diplomatic officer's greeting with a broad smile. "How is Langley Station shaping up?"

Wolk thought about the station which was, quite simply, still a pretty big mess. "They are making headway sir, but they have a long way to go that's for sure" he replied.

"Do you think the colony is viable?" Farragut leaned back in his chair. "Or have we bit off more than we can chew. Speak frankly, Ensign."

Wolk took a moment to collect his thoughts. He hadn't exactly been prepared to have a discussion like this, or any discussion quite frankly, with his new CO today. And he wanted to make sure that he made a good first impression and provided the Commander with his honest assessement.

"Is it viable? I believe it is in the long term but it is going to be a significant challenge. The people there have been through a lot and it's only natural that they are going to be reluctant to have us suddenly coming back into their world, their lives. I would expect them to be very distrustful, resentful even of us to begin with. If we can convince them that we are there to help and not dictate that is going to go a long way. I would caution against any appearance or suggestion that we are there to take over or save them so to speak. I think our focus should be on developing a true partnership with them first and foremost."

"And what would you suggest we do to demonstrate our commitment to a, as you put it, 'true partnership?'" Farragut asked.

"I would start by making it very clear that we are here to listen and assist. Perhaps setting up a formal meeting between the colony and Federation leadership with an agenda that allows them ample opportunity to share their concerns, their vision, et cetera. Kind of let them set the tone right from the beginning as much as possible. That way they feel as though they are being heard and not just dictated to" Wolk responded.

Greg nodded in agreement. "Pass your recommendations on to the team at Langley with my endorsement. If I could spare you Ensign, I'd leave you to manage the situation, but your diplomatic expertise is needed on the Endeavour."

Wolk was intrigued by the Commander's last remark, but figured he'd expand on that when he was ready. "I will submit my recommendations today as instructed Sir."

"Excellent," Farragut said. "Find out what you can about the pirate cartels in the region. Starfleet is going to make a push into the region, and we're going to need as clear a picture as possible. Understood?"

"Understood Sir. As I'm sure you already know the cartels in this region have been getting more and more bold in their attacks. I may be a diplomat but I will say that I doubt there is a good diplomatic solution to this one. All they seem to understand is force and my guess is that's what will be required to put a stop to the attacks. But I will definitely gather more detailed information and have it available for your review. " Wolk replied.

"Let's hope for the best and plan for the worst, Ensign. Good to see you hit the ground running. We'll be at your position in two days. Figure out what you can. Farragut out." Greg didn't wait for the Ensign's acknowledgement before closing the channel.

And with that the screen on Wolk's end went blank and the conversation was apparently over. Wolk could only hope that he had passed the first test, and now he needed to get to work learning as much about the piracy in this region as he could.

Captain Gregory Farragut
USS Endeavour


Ensign Wolk Kiri
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Endeavour


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