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But love the treason!

Posted on 28 Jan 2018 @ 10:37pm by Commodore Gregory Farragut & Commander Alidar tr'Seroht & Lieutenant Miracle Swiftpaws & Lieutenant JG Beatrice (Bea) Power M.D. & Ensign Trey (3 of 8) & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir & 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton

Mission: The Encounter 3X03
Location: Main Bridge and Others
Timeline: MD 3 1530 Hours

Captain's Log. Without revealing my hand, I've managed to buy the Endeavour time to maintain orbit around the Cardassian station, but without revealing our suspicion that Captain Van der Berg has been infected by the alien parasite. The Leopard continues broadcasting hails demanding the Endeavour depart from the system. Our Cardassian 'friends' remain undetected. It is my hope we will not need their assistance.

"Lieutenant Beauvoir, I think it's time we end this charade," Farragut said. He stood up from his chair and straightened his jacket with a swift tug. "Bring us to red alert."

"Aye, sir, engaging Red Alert." Yvette said. The lights changed to red, bathing the Bridge in a sanguine light and the warning klaxon sounded. The shields were now raised and the weapons hot.

Miracle shifted in her seat as she accepted a big mug with a lid and straw sticking out the top on it from one of her back up bridge pilots. She took a sip of her drink, feeling the cold drink laced with crushed ice sending it cold chilling fingers through out her body when she swallowed. Securing the mug of her orange slushy to the helm console within easy reach. She was ready.

"Flight at one hundred percent ready, Mez Lord Captain." Came from Miracle as her fingers flew across the helm, sending signals down to engineering her demands for power for helm control. "Squeak! Iz ready!" Her eyes gleamed in anticipation for the upcoming fight.

"Break orbit with the station and align the main deflector with the Leopard," Farragut said. He looked at Alidar. "Let's get that weapon of yours ready."

"Yes, Sir," Alidar nodded as he tapped a few commands on his mini console to bring up the control panel. "Ensign, do we have the power requirements settled?" the Romulan asked Trey. This was either going to be a huge blunder or a genius maneuver, either way it would go down in history and carry Farragut's name.

Trey began imputing commands, checking the status of every power source. He nodded, albeit sighing when he did so. "Yes Captain. My dim a few lights but power is indeed sorted."

Jack sent a message to the bridge as soon as the ship went to red alert. He alerted the Captain that The Kingsmen were standing by if they were needed. Jack looked at his men they were tired and worse for wear and he hoped that this never ending mission would end soon. He knew that his men could use a bed.

"Lieutenant Beauvoir, coordinate with Patton's Marines. I want all sensitive areas of the ship secured and locked down," Farragut said.

"Aye, sir." Yvette said and opened a channel to the Marines.

"Patton here..." Jack responded as he hushed his team down. They had been sitting around playing poker.

"Patton, work with my security forces to secure all sensitive areas in preparation for a possible boarding attack. I will also place Warrant Officer Ryan under your command."

"Yes Ma'am... Patton out"

"Miracle, standby for evasive maneuvers. I have a feeling they aren't going to like our new greeting protocol." Greg stepped down to join the Mousian at the bow of the Endeavour's bridge.

Miracle maneuvered the Endeavour into the Captain's desired position for the ship. "Squeee.." Quickly bringing up the pre-programmed list of evasive maneuvers. "Ships in position." Once Endeavour was fully facing the USS Leopard. This Mouse was going to do some pouncing of her own. "Ready with the evasive maneuvers. Engage once the weapon been fired, Captain?" Getting permission out of the way, even though she would move the ship regardless of orders or not.

Farragut sucked in a big breath of air. "Commander. Fire at will." Greg steeled himself for the consequences of his gambit.

With a silent nod, Alidar began calling out orders to protect the Endeavour’s power output and EPS conduits. As soon as he got the all clear, the Romulan pressed the red button on his arm rest’s control panel. “Firing the counter-measure.”

Lights and consoles flickered across the ship. Power from the warp core and fusion generators momentarily diverted from primary and secondary ship systems to the Endeavour's main deflector. The oval dish surged with energy and burned bright for several seconds before discharging a wave of blue energy at the Galaxy-class starship looming over its smaller counterpart.

For a moment nothing happened. Then all hell broke loose. Phaser fire and torpedoes bombarded the Endeavour's shields. The USS Leopold did not take kindly to the modified deflector pulse.

"Return fire!" Farragut shouted over the cascade of alarms and sparking consoles. "Miracle get us moving, now!"

"Returning fire." Yvette replied as she targeted the Leopard's phaser many arrays and fired. She then targeted their torpedo launchers with modified torpedoes, which would explode just shot of their targets overloading targeting sensors, but causing no structural damage to the vessel.

Miracle got the endeavor moving quickly with a push of a button, sending the commands racing through the ships systems. Getting feel of nano seconds response time it took to get the ship to respond, began sending command racing one behind the other so that there was no lag time in between maneuvers.

The Endeavour maneuvered like an oversized fighter craft, staying ahead of the return phaser fire from the USS Leopard and never staying on the same course for more than a few seconds. Endeavour was like an annoying fly buzzing about it's prey. She would give a tail flicker to alert Tactical that the next maneuver would line the ship to fire at its optimum alignment; even for the quick, unaided snap shots. She gave soft squeaks occasionally as she worked the controls of the Endeavour.

The bridge of the Leopard appeared on the Endeavour's viewscreen. "You cur!" Van der Berg spat. The stoic Federation officer was replaced by an enraged man staring wild-eyed at the Eneavour's bridge crew. His officer's manning tactical and helm looked much the same while the others lay slumped over their consoles.

"Do you not see that this is better for you? You no longer have to toil as inferior beings. You could become our vessels and experience an intelligence far superior to your own!" Van der Berg shook with anger. "Instead you throw it all away, and instead you choose to die." The transmission ended.

"Something tells me our weapon didn't quite work," Farragut said, shooting Alidar a look.

"It would appear so." Yvette agreed. "I suggest using the Leopard's prefix code to bring down her shields in order to send over a boarding party and reclaim the vessel, sir." She added.

Miracle gave an annoying squeak with displeasure at Yvette's suggestion for that would mean the Endeavour would have to be stationary and no shields until the boarding party was completely sent over. But her mind was racing ahead as she plotted the maneuver to place the Endeavour in the optimum position for the Transfer if the order came from high. "Just give mez a minute to maneuver the ship for the transfer, Mez Lord Captain, if yooz decide that will be the next course of action." Muttered loud enough to be heard.

"Do it. See if we can get her engines down too," Farragut said. "If you can get us on her rear, ventral quarter that should spare us the brunt of weapon's fire when our shields drop." Yvette's plan assumed that the creatures hadn't changed the prefix code. If memory was their weakness, they may not know how or even if to do it.

"Aye, sir." Yvette replied. Having already brought up the Leopard's prefix code, she entered it into her console. "Activating, now."

Through out the Endeavour came the dimming of light as a massive surge of energy hit the warp nacelle. View flicker with the looming of the Leopard front bow before it disappeared. Once view returned, Endeavour was sitting pretty right between the Nacelles, very close to the Leopard. If Endeavour exploded, it would also kill the USS Leopard. "All Yoozes!" Sang out Miracle from the helm after a quick flurry to place the ship right where it was now. She leaned back in her seat as she grabbed her big mug of orange slushy and took a slurping drink and a satisfactory "Aaaaaahhhhhh..." sigh, as she replaced her mug. She got ready for round two....

By all appearances the USS Leopoard seemed unaffected by the transmission. Several agonizing seconds past and Farragut steeled himself for failure then something happened. Interior and exterior lights began to flicker. The blue glow of the warp engines dimmed and the primary impulse engine flickered before going dead.

"Status of their shields?" Farragut struggled to hide the excitement in his voice. For the first time in days the Endeavour's crew caught a break.

"The Leopard's shields are down, sir." Yvette replied.

"Assemble a boarding party - full EVA suits - beamed directly to the bridge. We are finishing this - now!" Farragut clapped his hands together.

"Beauvoir to Lieutenant Patton," Yvette called over the cacophony of alarms and blaring consoles.

"Patton here..."

"Meet me in transporter room 1, in an EVA suit and bring anyone else you need, we are boarding the Leopard."

"Yes Ma'am we will be waiting..." Patton said over the comm system. He then turned to his team. "Sticks, Spark, Reaper... Suit up we're taking a walk." He said with a smile.

"Beauvoir to Lieutenant Seltris, grab a EVA suit and an engineering kit and meet me in transpoter room 1, we are boarding the Leopard."

"Boarding the - nevermind - on my way, ma'am!" Xynys answered over the comm channel.

“Sir, I believe that I’ve found the problem,” Alidar stated. “No time to explain the technicalities, but I must get to Deflector Control.”

"Get down there and get it sorted, Commander!"

"Yes Sir," the Romulan stated as he quickly made his way to the Bridge's turbolift.

"Alright, Miracle keep us in position. Plot an escape vector if we find ourselves facing another warp core breach." Farragut said.

This is what Miracle lived for. The high danger of miscalculations. Spilt timing. Intelligent beings verses Machine and Opponents with the same desire to win, for losing meant death or enslavement. Miracle ears wiggled along with her tail as she gave an acknowledgement 'squeakies," diving into work of plotting the most advantage route out. "Wez may get ourz tail singed. But doable!"

--- Deflector Control ---

The Romulan stepped through the doors into the cramped Deflector Control Room. He quickly made his way to the main console in along the wall of the room, next to the colorful mosaic that made up the inner part of the deflector dish.

His hands danced along the console as Alidar scanned for the power input and output controls. As he searched the code for some missing equation, the Maine's former Chief of Science spotted the issue. When compiling the program, he had used the expected output of the older Ambassador-class starships.

With the upgraded capacity and larger surface area, it was no wonder the weapon had not done anything. Alidar quickly ran the numbers for the Endeavour's load capacity and output potential. Once the numbers checked out, he typed out the new program into the system's LCARS display. This would either cripple the Leopard or cause a cascade reaction that would leave the Endeavour adrift.

Confident in what he had done, the Romulan tapped his commbadge. "tr'Seroht to the Bridge, you may fire when ready," he confirmed as he made his way back toward the turbolift. One thing was for sure, he did not want to be in deflector control when it discharged all of the energy.

The Endeavour's deflector dish thrummed with energy. For a moment a blinding blue light emanated from the deflector array before discharging in a flash of light. This time the Leopard did not return fire.


Commander Greg Farragut
Commanding Officer
USS Endeavour

Lieutenant Commander Alidar tr'Seroht
Former Chief Science Officer
USS Maine

Lieutenant Yvette Beauvoir
Chief Intelligence/Acting Chief Security Officer
USS Endeavour

Lieutenant Miracle Swiftpaws.
Chief Flight Officer
USS Endeavour


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