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The Darkness Within

Posted on 12 Feb 2018 @ 8:01pm by Lieutenant JG Beatrice (Bea) Power M.D. & Commodore Gregory Farragut & 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton

Mission: The Encounter 3X03
Location: USS Endeavour: Sickbay
Timeline: MD03 1330hrs

Jack set to the task that Farragut had given him. His current plan was the most straight forward thing that he could think of. Go to Sick Bay, ask Davik to summon Bea, and then get an answer. The first curve ball came when Jack arrived at Sick Bay and instead of finding Davik, he found Bea there alone.

Jack made a quick tactical change to his plan. He smiled broadly, "Hey Bea... What's cookin?" Step one he decided was was to put her at ease.

Your favorite patient is here. Beatrice turned around and smiled at Jack. She held a medical tricorder in her hand. "Oh, just some bacteria cultures. Despite all the excitement, we still have our ordinary business to get through," Beatrice said. "What brings you to Sickbay, Lieutenant? I hope you haven't injured yourself again."

It was still on Bea’s mind what she had witnessed and the alien had told her earlier. Her mind kept jumping between complete and utter anger to feelings of discouragement and desperation. How was she to let people know what was was she to stop what she knew was to happen.

As she registered Jack’s presence, all the conflicting emotions were replaced by what could only be described as fear. In all of this...he was ultimately going to be harmed too and there was nothing she could do to save him and the others.

"Me no, no hard surfaces knock into this time. I came to see you actually..." He said with a broad smile, as he approached her. He scanned the room looking for a medical tricorder, he needed to get an active scan going. If he was to get evidence for Farragut that is.

"And just what did you wish to see me about, Lieutenant?" Beatrice asked with a flirtatious smile. The males of your species are so easy to manipulate. She set the tricorder in her hand down on the equipment card and batted her eyes. "Because we're both on duty right now..."

For a species so wound up on universal domination you seem to dwell a lot on the basic of human feelings and emotions. Why do you care enough to manipulate him if your plan is almost finalised? The every present anger was pressing forward once more, not able to be ignored by Bea.

Because when we occupy your bodies for our purposes, we cannot speak to one another. It is trying. But I remember it is for a greater purpose than my own existence.

Bea went silent, she wondered over the alien’s comment; wondering had he let a weakness slip. If they couldn’t speak with each other did this mean that the co-conspirator onboard wasn’t up to date on the plan. Could that mean that there was a chance that even a small interference could throw their plans askew, even just the slightest of delays?

Jack walked over toward her "I actually had a favor to ask. I was wondering if you could show me how to use medical tricorder. I am a little rusty and I am not always going to have you or Sticks around to help me." When he finished his statement he was face to face with her and held out his hand for the tricorder.

Does he know how to use a medical tricorder? Beatrice's smiled faltered. "Oh, um, I suppose I can. It's just like a standard tricorder really," She said. Beatrice looked down at the tricorder in her hand and then back at the Marine. "We can test it on these samples." She took a step back and nodded at the bacteria cultures.

Bea was confused...while sickbay and the CMO held responsibility for gettings the medic's within the marines up to date on their training, standarily this would fall to beyond the medics themselves. It almost seemed that Jack was going out of his way when he could have just gone straight to his own medic. It would be part of his standard training for basic first aid. It makes sense that the Lieutenant may need brushing up on his medical skills as with a medic on his team he wouldn't have due course to use them very often.

Jack followed her to the cultures and retrieved a spare medical tricorder that was there. He flipped it open while it was aimed at Bea and as quickly as he could he ordered it to scan her. "So what do I do first." he said with a smile. He hoped his programming had gone unnoticed at least until the scan was finished.

"First thing," Beatrice said. "Is to make sure is pointed at the proper subject." She smiled and pushed the tricorder toward the bacteria samples. He's not that ignorant. Beatrice pointed her tricorder at the samples and initiated the scanning sequence.

Patton played up the stupid Marine act as he aimed the tricorder at Bea. He had to work quickly as he had to get the answers before she noticed. He glanced at the screen and saw the readings he needed, well the beginning of the readings at least.

Beatrice again pushed the tricorder toward the bacteria. "Lieutenant," She insisted. "It is rude to scan someone without asking." The smile faded from her face. "Direct the tricorder toward the samples."

"Yes of course I am so sorry..." He sheepishly said. As he turned toward the samples he glanced at the readings and saw that body functions ran at an elevated pace. Almost an inhuman pace.

When he turned to face the samples he picked up a hypo and slung the nozzle toward Bea's neck. This came as a quick, fluid, sudden movement.

Beatrice's hand caught Jack by the wrist and pulled it away. "Jack. You've been a very bad boy," She said with a snarl. Beatrice twisted the Marine's wrist away from his body and shook her head. "I told you it was rude to scan someone without asking. And now I catch you trying to drug me? That's not how you ask a girl out on a date." She twisted further, threatening to bring the man to his knees.

Jack prided himself on two things. The first was his belief that there was no such thing as a no win scenario and the second was his ability to read people. With the amount of pain that coursed through his wrist he knew there was no doubt as to the status of Beatrice Powers. So although he knew that he would regret it he took a hard swing with his left hand to her solar-plexus. He used the strength in his right arm to swing hers down in an attempt to get to the nerve bundle at her wrist.

Beatrice stumbled back from the blow to her chest, pulling her arm free from Jack's grasp. "She has begged for your life from the moment you stepped into Sickbay. It was pathetic," She snarled. She grabbed the utility cart and hurled it across the room toward Jack. Now he dies.

As he thought quickly Jack performed a dive roll to avoid the utility cart. He rose to a ready stance, he thoughts turning to defense until he could muster a plan. He decided to use the resources given to him.

Jack attacked Bea, he employed a mixture of Akido and Mok Bara. He made no headway against her as her reflexes were augmented by the alien inside her. But he had one last shot, in between blows he began to speak. "Computer initiate a high frequency audio and visual pulse localized to Sick Bay on my mark." Now to wait for the moment.

Bea watched what was unfolding as if she watched a movie. She was powerless to stop anything, powerless to stop jack being hurt.

As the power of each of the marine's blow surged through both her body and mind; Bea found herself mentally reduced to her knees as she barely coping from passing out. Still her body fought and swung but Bea herself struggled to cope.

It was Jack's last swing, where it caught on her already damaged wrist from earlier that brought on the scream. Bea screamed as loud as she could, the sound vibrating through her mind as she sought to try and realise what she felt in anyway that she could.

Beatrice stumbled back, swinging wildly. The scream of her host's consciousness was disorienting. Her control over the human's body slipped and for a moment she stopped fighting back. Anger burned within the parasite. It was so close to victory. They would not be stopped again. "NO!" She shouted landing a kick on Jack's chest. "You are dumb, stupid creatures. Why do you resist us?!"

The kick slammed into the direct center of Jack's chest and all the wind was pressed from his lungs. He dropped to his knees and realized that he had only one weapon left in his arsenal and he hoped it worked. "We have been told that resistance is futile before and that didn't work. Computer execute!" A series of light flashes and high pitched squeals began to fill the room.

The assault of flashing lights and screeching sounds overwhelmed Beatrice's senses. The rage of her host's consciousness interrupted her control over its body. She felt an urge to flee, but her mission demanded she stay. "You. Can't. Win!" She cried, stumbling toward the Lieutenant.

Jack was out of breath on the brink of unconsciousness. He was able to see that his trick was working but she was still advancing on him. He took what was left of his strength and rose to a crouching position. He prepared for the final fight, one that he would most likely lose. If I am going to die, I am going to die like Marine, fighting. he thought.

Bea foight to hang on...the pain, the was all too much. She wanted to let go...she needed to let go. She just wanted it to stop...she wanted it all to start. She’d seen the effect of sound and she understood but she didn’t have any left...she just wanted to let go.

As her body rounded once more under the power of the alien, Bea caught one last glimpse of Jack lying on the ground. She saw the pain in his eyes but there was so much more...a determination not to give up, to keep going at whatever cost would be left.

Using all she’d left, Bea mentally shook her head;’t.... Finding a last ounce of strength, the woman screamed out once more with all of her might before feeling the darkness rush in.

Beatrice collapsed onto the floor, hands covering her ears and screaming incoherently. This...isn't...the end... The voice inside Beatrice's mind let loose one last, strangled cry before falling silent. Her body began to convulse as the parasite forced its way from her and expelled itself onto the deck plating. It ran circles around the floor, confused and overstimulated by the violent departure from its host and the cacophony of sound.

Patton saw the worm like creature on the periphery of his vision. He knew that it could not be allowed to live, for if one lived there was still a chance for them to win. He mustered the last ounce of his strength and leaped upon it. He crushed it under his boot. As Patton heard the sound of the creature being squished like a bug he whispered "There are always options..." The release of unconsciousness took him as he collapsed on the floor.

Bea felt her body convulse as her conscience slipped; the darkness closing in as her final thought was free Before the darkness closed in and switched everything off this time.


Neural Parasite, R.I.P.
Superior Form of Life

1st Lieutenant Jack Patton
Marine CO The Kingsmen
USS Endeavour

Lieutenant JG Beatrice (Bea) Power M.D.
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Endeavour


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