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Final Hour Part 2

Posted on 06 Feb 2018 @ 7:56pm by Lieutenant JG Xynys Seltriss & Commander Alidar tr'Seroht & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir & 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton & Staff Sergeant Brian Cancielleri & Lance Corporal Brian Zapata & Lance Corporal Erin Inferson

Mission: The Encounter 3X03
Location: USS Leopard Main Bridge
Timeline: MD 3 1600 Hours

Previously on Star Trek Endeavour:

Patton charged in and went to the security console to engage the enemy. He fired to stun, and realized that was a mistake as it had no effect.

Xynys followed behind the Marines and scrambled toward the engineering station. She fired her phaser at the blinded crewman manning the station. It took three blasts to force him to the ground. While the Marines continued pushing forward, Xynys began typing furiously into the engineering station. She had a matter of seconds to lock out systems control from main engineering.

Yvette headed for the Command chairs only to be met by a furious Captain van der Berg. "You half-breed b***h." He screamed as he charged towards her.

And Now the Conclusion:

Yvette fire twice to no effect. Before she could fire again, the captain closed on her, tore the weapon from her hands and then threw it to the deck. "This could have been different, but now you must die."

She threw a punch at him with her right hand, he just deflected the blow and grabbed her by the throat.

As he concentrated on crushing her windpipe, she reached out with her left hand, she touched the base of his neck. With the last of her strength, she activated the glove's data scrambler and sent 60,000 volts into his body.

His body began to shake and he lost his grip. Yvette dropped to the deck stunned, and the Captain fell unconscious to the deck.

Patton missed his chance with the Security Chief and engaged in a boxing match of sorts with the man. After an exchange of lefts and rights, Patton had been knocked into the console behind him. He heard the still mending rib crack, and thought well Bea is going to kill me. The Chief moved in for the kill and grabbed Jack about the throat and lifted the Marine off his feet. Jack had seconds to react as the darkness crept into his vision. He quickly employed an Akkido maneuver as he jabbed two fingers between the man's ribs. He managed to interrupt the man's breathing enough that Jack was dropped to the floor, conveniently enough next to his phaser. Jack scrambled for his phaser and unloaded three solid blasts into the man as he made sure that the Chief would not get up.

Inferson for her part secured the turbolifts with proximity devices. If the doors opened the devices were set to go off and trigger a series of light bursts designed to disorient.

Zapata stood on the perimeter of the bridge. He fired three consecutive blasts from his phaser rifle at the Flight controller. The woman sitting at the console fell face first into the console not seeing where the fire came from. He then began to lay down cover fire for the rest of the team.

Cancielleri pulled a sequence of hypos from his hip bag. He ran to each of the Leopard's crew members as they were dropped to the floor. He injected a small dose of paralytic into each person. This way if they came to they would not cause too much trouble. Sticks stopped short of administering the drug that would extricate the aliens. That would wait for the order.

Yvette pulled herself up from the deck and held on to a console to keep herself in a standing position. Turning to survey the Bridge, a phaser blast impacted a bulkhead, missing her by microns.

"I've isolated weapons control and maneuvering systems!" Xynys called out. "But I can't lock out power control or internal security. It's been routed to main engineering." She continued hammering the LCARS terminal to work around the litany of roadblocks in her way.

"Understood, keep trying." Yvette said as she dodged the blasts from the XO's phaser. Fortunately for her, the XO was half blinded and his shots went wild.

Grabbing a phaser from a downed a security guard, she fired back.

Shots contacted with him, but he kept coming.

"I could use a hand here." Yvette called out as she continued to fire and evade his blasts.

"I'm on it..." Patton shouted and he launched himself over the security rail and onto the back of the XO. Jack clamped his hands down on the XO's wind pipe. "Now Lieutenant, shoot now..." He shouted as the XO began to buck Jack off of his back. Jack's grip began to slip as the pain began to take over.

With Patton now on the XO's back, Yvette fired twice and the man eventually lost consciousness.

Yvette breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Jack." She said, her professional tone dropping for just a moment.

"Command systems are secure, and I think I've locked them out of engineering control," Xynys hissed. She stepped back from the engineering console and walked up to the tactical arch. "But that won't stop them from physically damaging any systems."

"Understood, Lieutenant Seltriss." Yvette replied. "Contact the Endeavour and inform them that we have secured the Bridge and locked out Engineering."

From behind Yvette the commanding officer of the USS Leopard rose from the deck. He lumbered forward, arms stretched out. His hands latched onto the intelligence officer's helmet and ripped it free from the collar. The binding shattered and sent bits of metal and plastic flying across the bridge. "Time to die!"

"I take it, you are the 'Mother'." Yvette said not letting her fear show.

"As you understand it, yes." The organism that possessed Captain van der Berg replied."

"In that case, King'smen target van der Berg, lethal force." Yvette ordered, jumping free of the man's grip.

With all of their prescision the Kingsmen converged their fire. four streams of phaser fire set to kill converged on the Captain of the Leopold. Other then holding the Captain in place the phaser fire did not seem to be doing much.

As she maintained her fire Inferson reached into her kit. "Sparks to all units fire in the hole..." She slid a high frequency device right at the Captain's feet. The device began to emit a tone. The Captain grabbed his head in agony... "Re-converge fire all units..." Came Patton's order.

Now at a safe distance, Yvette join her phaser to the barrage.

The former Starfleet officer staggered backward, clutching his ears. As the phaser fire converged on his chest, the man's body began to convulse. With one lats chortle of pain van der Berg abdomen exploded. He fell back and slumped to the floor against the back of the operation's chair. From the remains of his chest a creature emerged. It howled and fixed its glossy black eyes on Yvette. Small soldier parasites began to stream from the Captain's chest cavity and scamper towards the Endeavour's away team.

Jack and the rest of the Kingsmen began to fire rapidly at the little creatures as they emerged. "There is literally a butt ton of these things." Reaper shouted.

"Concentrate on the 'mother' alien, if it dies, they all die." Yvette ordered, as she picked an alien off of her arm and threw it into a nearby bulkhead.

From behind the tactical station, Xynys joined in the barrage of phaser fire leveled on the leader parasite. For a few seconds the creature seemed unaffected by the half-dozen beams of phaser fire converging on its head. Then without warning the creature exploded. Blood and gore flung across the bridge and splattered onto Yvette's and Jack's EVA suits. The small soldier parasites screeched with rage and curled into themselves.

Across the Leopard and every affected ship in the Federation and beyond, crew members infested by the parasites crumpled and convulsed as the parasitic entities inhabiting their bodies perished in a single, violent moment of agony. What began as a quiet invasion ended in a cacophony of pain.

"Lieutenant Seltriss, Status report" Yvette ordered as she wiped gore and blood from her suit.

Xynys stared at the smoldering remains of the Leopard's captain in silence before Yvette's command registered with her. She shook her head and looked down at the tactical console. "Uhm, sorry, Lieutenant," She hissed. "Ship is secure. All systems have been routed to the bridge. There are dozens - no - hundreds of communications requests being directed to the bridge and the...captain of the Leopard."

"Send a general message saying that their question will be answered in time." Yvette said taking a seat in the Captain's chair. "Then open a channel to the Endeavour."

Xynys punched the command into the tactical console and looked up at the viewscreen. "Channel open, audio and visual." Commander Farragut appeared on the viewer at the Endeavour's tactical station.

"Status report, Lieutenant."

"The ship is secure and we have command. The infestation has been neutralized. Captain Van der Berg was the only casualty, sir."

"Excellent work, all of you," He said, taking a moment to look each of them in the eye. "We'll dispatch additional security to assist with crowd control. When you're ready, we'll get under way. The Leopard and her crew will be under your care until we have her secured at a Starfleet facility. Are you up for the task?"

"Understood, Captain." Yvette replied. "I believe I am, sir."

"Good. I'll await your report," Farragut said. "Endeavour out."

Xynys let out a long, low hiss akin to a human whistle. "So are we running a ship now?"

"We are indeed, Lieutenant." Yvette said. "Please make sure we are ready to depart, once the reinforcements arrive from the Endeavour."

Jack wiped the gore off of the face shield of his helmet. He then ordered his men to take up a perimeter around the Bridge for security reasons. One can never be too careful he thought. He eyed the XO chair, smiled and sat down in it, he nudged Yvette in the arm. "Well every good CO needs an XO, and the chair is comfy." He said with a broad smile. "With your permission I would like to send Sticks down to Sick Bay to assist with the wounded." he added.

"Permission granted, Number One." Yvette replied.


Commander Gregory Farragut
Commanding Officer
USS Endeavour

Lieutenant Yvette Beauvoir
Chief Intelligence Officer/Acting Security Chief
USS Endeavour

1st Lieutenant Jack Patton
Marine CO The Kingsmen
USS Endeavour

Lt. JG Xynys Seltriss
USS Endeavour

Staff Sergeant Brian Cancielleri
Corpsman The Kingsmen
USS Endeavour

Lance Corporal Erin Inferson
Weapons Specialist The Kingsmen
USS Endeavour

Lance Corporal Brian Zapata
Rifleman The Kingsmen
USS Endeavour


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