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Final Hour, Part 1

Posted on 06 Feb 2018 @ 2:36am by Lieutenant JG Xynys Seltriss & Lieutenant Commander Yvette Beauvoir & 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton

Mission: The Encounter 3X03
Location: USS Endeavour Transporter Room and USS Leopard
Timeline: MD 3 1600 Hours

"Lieutenant, the Leopard's shields remain offline. We've tied our own shield emitters into the transporter system. On your order, you will be cleared for transport. Good hunting. Bridge out."

The transporter operator let out a heavy sigh and gripped the edge of his free-standing console. The safety of the Endeavour was placed in his hands until the transporter cycle was complete. The Andorian's antennae twitched anxiously. "I've set beam-in coordinates for the observation lounge, ma'am. Should prove discrete if no one is paying attention."

"Thank you, Chief. Excellent work." Yvette said to the transporter operator, as she stood near the pad, dressed in her EVA suit, with the helmet under her arm, awaiting the arrival of the others.

Patton, Zapata, Inferson, and Cancielleri arrived at the transporter room fully suited and equipped. Patton smiled at Lieutenant Beauvoir, "Glad to take a stroll with. I presume our orders are to secure the Leopold. Any terms of engagement?" He motioned for his men to take their positions on the transporter pad.

"They are indeed. We are fire only if fired upon." Yvette replied.

Xynys scrambled into the transporter room juggling her helmet and technical kit. She stumbled onto the transporter pad and barely managed to catch her helmet before it clattered across the glossy platform. "Sorry, I got here from engineering as quick as I could." She gulped hard and set her engineering kit down on the transporter.

"You are just in time, Lieutenant." Yvette said and joined the others on the transporter pad. "Alright everyone, put on your helmets." After waiting for them to do this, she turned to the transporter operator and said. "Energize."

The transporter chief waited until everyone was suited up and then initiated the transport sequence. In seconds the team was deposited in the empty observation lounge overlooking the aft of the Leopard. The Endeavour dominated the viewport and obscured the massive Cardassian station at the Galaxy-class starship's aft.

"I've never seen a starship that close to another. Who's at the helm?" Xynys asked. She drew her phaser.

Yvette looked around the room. "Lieutenant Seltriss could you tap into the internal sensor and give us a layout of the Leopard's Bridge?"

"Lieutenant Patton establish a perimeter."

Xynys flipped open her tricorder and attempted to access the ship's internal security network. "It looks like they haven't been able to completely isolate themselves from Starfleet verification codes," She hissed. "Sensors indicate a dozen personnel occupying the Bridge."

"Options, Lieutenant Patton?" She asked as he knew his men better than she did.

Patton signaled his men to take up perimeter and guard the current location. Cancielleri, Zapata, and Inferson shouldered their weapons and took up station.

"Best bet is to rush the bridge, we slide a flashbang through the turbolift. That would disorient those on the bridge. It would be long enough for us to stun them and secure the bridge." Patton responded to the query. "We need the bridge first, then engineering. If we can secure those locations we will have the ship." he added

"Very well, Lieutenant, let us do it." Yvette replied.

Patton turned to his team, "You heard the lady... Sparks rig the flash bangs." She nodded as she pulled two devices from a pack that she wore. "Reaper when the time comes you and I will back her up."

A few moments later Inferson signaled that she was ready. Patton looked at Beauvoir, his eyes steely and they flashed with purpose. "Ready when you are Lieutenant."

Yvette checked her rifle, sure that it was on the correct setting and said. "Ready."

Inferson took point as they filed into the turbolift. Before it was ordered anywhere she informed the team that they had to have their backs turned when the flash-bangs went off. She gave a countdown with her fingers as the turbolift approached the bridge.

When the doors opened Inferson went to work. She threw her protective eyewear down over her eyes and sent three flash bangs into the bridge. Immediately she tumbled into the room as the they went off. She spoke into her comm channel "Now take the hill now..."

Patton charged in and went to the security console to engage the enemy. He fired to stun, and realized that was a mistake as it had no effect.

Xynys followed behind the Marines and scrambled toward the engineering station. She fired her phaser at the blinded crewman manning the station. It took three blasts to force him to the ground. While the Marines continued pushing forward, Xynys began typing furiously into the engineering station. She had a matter of seconds to lock out systems control from main engineering.

Yvette headed for the Command chairs only to be met by a furious Captain van der Berg. "You half-breed b***h." He screamed as he charged towards her.

To Be Continued in Part 2...


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