2.5 Nyarra planet

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Nyarra System

Bal (Primary Star)

Type: Spectral class F5IV
System Location: Core

Age: 1.3 B years
Mass: 1.4 Sol
Diameter: 835,610 km

Temperature: 6,492 K
Luminosity: 4.00 L
Composition: Hydrogen and ionized metals, calcium and iron

Nyarra I

Type: M Class - Terrestrial
Survey Status: Uncharted
System Location: Habitable Zone

Age: 1.26 B years
Mass: 0.55 Earths
Diameter: 7.000 km

Temperature: 25.6 C
Composition: Silicate and Iron
Atmosphere: Nitrogen, Oxygen and argon
Satellites: 1 moon
Rings: None

Orbital Radius: 1.2 AU
Orbital Period: 205 days
Rotational Period: 26.4 hours

Nyarra is a inhabited planet. 20 procent of the surface is water. There is a temperate climate with polar ice caps.
On the Northern continent is a large settlement inhabited by the A'Mara.

by Kate Banninga and Owen Reeves

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