2.6 Ohron Nebula and Vacuole

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Ohron Nebula

Type:Class A
Discovered: 2381 by the U.S.S. Sebastopol

Age: 0.9 M Years
Diameter: 2499 LY
Temperature: 17.8 K
Composition: Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Deuterium and Argon
Color: Green/Purple

Ohron Vacuole

In 2381 the USS Sebastopol discovered the Ohron Nebula and it the classification of class 3. But after the initial classification of the nebula the Sebastopol was never heard from. Because of the class they gave it, it has been rumored that the Ohron nebula contains a subspace vacuole. Even though the vacuole hasn't been detected by other vessels the class remained and the vacuole became a myth.

In 2391, when the Endeavour went to investigate the disappearance of the USS Marin, they discovered the vacuole did exist and that it lead to a star system with one planet. The Nyarra system.

by Kate Banninga and Owen Reeves

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