1.3 Character Creation Guideline

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Character Creation Guidelines

Thank you for considering joining the Endeavour. Below are a few guidelines you need to be aware of before applying to the Endeavour.

  • The Endeavour’s Command Team consists of the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer. Every new application will be discussed with the members of the command team and appropriate department head before a decision is made if a character will be accepted. The command team is available to help you with your application, and if your application is not up to standards, we will help you improve. Also, players who lack role-playing experience may be asked to attend the Obsidian Fleet academy

  • The Endeavour is part of Obsidian Fleet, therefore Obsidian Fleet’s Character Creation Rules apply. Please peruse these rules before submitting your application.

  • Your character may be any canon Star Trek race, except for races listed under the Obsidian Fleet Character Creation Rules. Note that for certain exotic races such as Talarian, Son’a, or Dosi, you will have to have a logical reason as to how and why they joined Starfleet.

  • Non-cannon or custom races cannot be accepted. Current non-cannon or custom races are grandfathered in to accommodate existing players.

  • Lesser known races require references to reputable Star Trek repositories such as the Obsidian Fleet wiki, Memory Alpha, or Memory Beta. Any one of these databases can be utilized to provide background information on your selected race. Think of this like D&D with set and established races.

  • If your race only has a Stub Article as defined by Wikipedia, your application may be rejected.

  • The Endeavour does not accept any animal based species outside of Star Trek Cannon.

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