1.6 Sister Ships

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Sister Ships

The Endeavour maintains a close relationship with the following vessels:

Commanding Officer: RADM Alenis Meru
Executive Officer: CMDR Timothy Rouse

Commanding Officer: CMDR Charles Kinkaid
Executive Officer: LTCMDR Emil Nosske

Commanding Officer: CAPT Santiago Vela
Executive Officer: CMDR Hadir Prenar

Task Group 72C:

The Endeavour is the flagship of Obsidian Fleets Task Force 72C - The White Tigers.

The other ships in this Task Group are:

Commanding Officer: Captain Kate Banninga
Executive Officer: Lt. CMDR Sitok

Commanding Officer: Lt. CMDR Steven Anderson
Executive Officer: TBD

Commanding Officer: CMDR Lamar David
Executive Officer: Lt. CMDR Vox Portland

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