1.7 Endeavour History

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HMS Endeavour
The HMS Endeavour's most famous venture was becoming the first European ship to discover Australia. She departed Plymouth, England on 26 August 1768 with 94 people and 18 months of supplies.
The ship was Captained by the famous James Cook. It's first stop was a Portuguese island just north of the Canaries before making a stop in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sometime around 13 January 1769, the ship rounded the Horn of Africa after battling relentless storms. On 10 April, the Endeavour found its way to Tahiti where it stayed three months and was able to witness the transit of Venus across the Sun. It then set out to discover Terra Australis Incognita.
In October 1769, it became the fist European ship to discover New Zealand in over a century. He proclaimed British sovereignty over the island and resumed the search for Terra Australis Incognita. On 29 April 1770, the Endeavour became the first European ship to discover Australia when Captain Cook made landfall at Botany Bay, New South Wales.

Endeavour, Apollo 15
Apollo 15 was launched on 26 July 1971,at 9:34 AM EDT from the Kennedy Space Center, at Cape Canaveral, Florida. It was to become the first long mission on the moon, giving the astronauts three days of lunar exploration. It was the first lunar mission to make use of the Lunar Rover. It was also the first mission to perform a deep space spacewalk. The total mission lasted 12 Days, 7 hours, 11 minutes and 53 seconds.

OV-105 Endeavour
The Endeavour became the fifth and last space shuttle to be constructed. It was the replacement for the shuttle Challenger. During it's time, the shuttle carried out repair missions on the Hubble Telescope and the International Space Station. Over its flight career, Endeavour flew 122,853,151 miles and spent 299 days in space.

NX-03 Endeavour
The NX-03 Endeavour was the third of the NX class ships following the Enterprise and the Columbia. It made first contact with a variety of new species as well as helped to strengthen the bonds between Earth's Starfleet and Earth's allies. It saw combat action in the Romulan War.

USS Endeavour, Icarus-Class
The USS Endeavour served the Federation in the early 2240s. It was lost during the Battle of Donatu V against the Klingons.

USS Endeavour, NCC-1716, Constitution-Class
Launched in 2251, it became the first Constitution-Class ship to have a female Captain. The ship served the fleet for nine years. It also became the fist Constitution-class ship to take on back-to-back five year missions from 2260-2270. It made first contact with numerous species as well as patrolled the Klingon border. It was also the ship that completed the full survey of the Taurus Reach. By 2270, it was underwent a refit to the Enterprise-subclass of the Constitution-class ships. In 2280, it was refit again to fit the standards of a heavy-cruiser. In 2293, it would have been part of the rescue mission to retrieve Captain Kirk and Dr McCoy. It's last assignment was to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone.

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