3.0 Marine Detachment

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Marine Detachment

The Kingsmen is an elite unit of the Starfleet Marine Corps. It is typically comprised of one Commanding Officer, an Executive Officer, EVAC Specialist, Field Medic, Sniper, and Riflemen. Other positions are added at the Corps discretion. Above you will find the official patch of The Kingsmen. This patch is worn on the right shoulder of their duty uniform with their code name affixed underneath.

The Kingsmen had been responsible for many missions including the protection of a pre warp civilization from an invading warp capable civilization. The order to seek out what happened to the USS Maine led The Kingsmen to join the USS Endeavour and become a permanent installment on that ship.

The Kingsmen are currently under the command of 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton code named "Blackjack". The Marine installation aboard the Endeavour affectionately nicknamed the Throne Room is equipped with it's own briefing room and armory with the weapons needed for various types of missions.

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