3.0 Marine Detachment

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Marine Detachment

Frater Fratrem In Mortem Et Vitam Vobis

This patch and slogan worn on the right shoulder of all uniforms associated with The Kingsmen.

The Kingsmen

Rank Name Codename Position Specialty
Jack Patton
"Black Jack"
Commanding Officer
Strategic Operations & Tactics
Raylan Ch'Tol
First Sergeant
Combat Engineer
Robert Schiano
EVAC Specialist
Pilot & Emergency Evacuations
Brian Cancielleri
Emergency Medicine & Sciences
Alicia Reilly
"Big Red"
RECONN/Covert Ops/Sniping
Brian Zapata
Personal Weapons/Hand To Hand Combat
Erin Inferson
Weapons Specialist
Explosives & Incendiary Devices

The Kingsmen are an elite unit of the Starfleet Marine Corps. It is typically comprised of one Commanding Officer, an Executive Officer, EVAC Specialist, Field Medic, Sniper, and Riflemen, and Corpsman. Other positions are added at the Corps and Commanding Officer's discretion. Above you will find the official patch of The Kingsmen. This patch is worn on the right shoulder of their duty uniform with their code name affixed underneath. In order to be accepted into the Kingsmen one must pass three tests. The first is administered by the Corps and is a pretty standard test for elite operations. The second is administered by Kingsmen CO, and the third is administered by the rest of the team. It is said that the third test is veiled in secrecy and is more of a rite of passage. The official slogan of the Kingsmen is Frater Fratrem In Mortem Et Vitam Vobis (Brother to Brother, Yours In Life And Death)

The Kingsmen had been responsible for many missions including the protection of a pre warp civilization from an invading warp capable civilization. The order to seek out what happened to the USS Maine led The Kingsmen to join the USS Endeavour and become a permanent installment on that ship by order of Commodore Gregory Farragut and SFMC Command.

The Kingsmen are currently under the command of 1st Lieutenant Jack Patton code named "Blackjack". The Marine installation aboard the Endeavour affectionately nicknamed the Throne Room, located on Deck 11 is equipped with it's own briefing room and armory with the weapons needed for various types of missions.

At the disposal of the Kingsmen is the Gimli, a Danube Class runabout. This runabout is equipped to handle just about any mission that the team would need to throw at it. In the rear of the runabout are three sections. The first is a sleeping area where two bunks can be pulled out of the bulkhead. The second is a storage locker for mission required weapons. The third is a jump bench for added personnel. There are many missions where like the famed dwarf that the runabout is named for, it can get cramped.

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