Wiki Guidelines

Created by Captain Kate Banninga on 27 Jun 2014 @ 2:53pm

Some guidelines about editing and creating pages in this wiki.

1. Everyone can contribute to this wiki, I even encourage you to. I do ask you not to create pages that already exist in the Obsidian Fleet Database, Memory Alpha or Beta. You can link to either of those pages.

2. When you create a page give it a title and (very important!!) assign it to the correct category. The last is so that the new page is automatically put under the right category on the main page. If you don't give it a category it will end up in the misc. category.

3. The Command Team reserves every right to modify or delete a page, if they seem fit. Off course we will do so after discussing it with the writer. Grammar correction are not discussed with the writer, but just done.

4.Only change excisting page after permission of the original author or the command team.

5. Credit someone where credit is due. Also if you came up with the content credit yourself. For example if you came up with a species write on the end of the page Content made by (your name).

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