1.1 Mousian

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Mousians are an anthro humanoid type of species that are fast, good stamina and agile. Some have the use of their tail as an extra limb of limited capabilities.

They come in two gender, male and female that have a human type of bodies with mouse like heads and tail. Their body is completely covered in a fine layer of fur, except for the finger pads and toe pads. Instead of fingernails, they have retractable claws. Three fingers with an opposable thumb. Females are usually shorter than the males. Males max height is 5 feet and 5 inches. Female’s height run about 5 feet 3 inches. There have been noted a few of them get a few inches bigger.

Those that are born on a planet will have more vibrant darker fur than those are born in space. Fur fades to a lighter color in front than the sides and back. Females give birth to up to 3 offspring. With a gestation period of 6 months


Runs the gauntlet of a wide range. But they are hard workers; tend to value family species and kin important. Will come to the defense of other Mousians

Planet & Government

Those on that live on the planets tend more to the scholarly, religious, agriculture, Manufacture of clothing, low end tech. But those that live in space are more high tech and tend to come in defense of Mousian controlled planets. They live in clanship and trade amongst the other planets and species.

Species created by Miracle Swiftpaws

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