1.3 Rigilian

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The Rigelians were a vulcanoid race, indistinguishable from Vulcans native to the homeworld. Even sensors were incapable of telling the difference between Vulcan and Rigelian life signs. They had a very similar physiology, but different enough that certain drugs and treatments could not automatically be assumed to work as well on both races. They had the same physical features, olive-green blood and a similar level of strength. However, as they did not repress their emotions, they tended to be more charismatic.

They also kept the psionic abilities and disciplines of their Vulcan ancestors, and maintained them through breeding and study. A noted difference, however, was that the Rigelians did not demonstrate any appreciable telepathic abilities. They apparently possessed an uncanny sense of direction, possibly deriving from their psionic skills.

Like Vulcans and Romulans, Rigelians were susceptible to Tuvan Syndrome.

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